Kamen Rider Ryuki – PS1/PSX Game – All Riders (Advents/Final Vents)


Gameplay from Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002). Released for Playstation One. This video shows all Advents and Final Vents of all unlocked and unlockable characters.

In order of appearence:

1- Ryuki Blank Form
2- Ryuki
3- Knight
4- Scissors
5- Zolda
6- Raia
7- Gai
8- Ohja (Common deck)
9- Ohja (Gai deck)
10- Ohja (Raia deck)
11- Ohja (Unite)
12- Tiger
13- Imperer
14- Verde
15- Femme
16- Ryuga
17- Odin
19- Knight Survive Form
20- Ryuki Survive Form


  1. I used to play this game when I was a kid, and it's the reason why I started to have interests in Kamen Rider series.
    Good old days! 🙂

  2. Only Knight,Ryuki,Scissor,Zolda,Raia,Gai,Ouja,Odin,Tiger and Ryuga have a Survive Forms(The others doesn't).

  3. Some differences, game vs show:

    Survive Ryuki and Survive Knight: Only the hit-run sequences are done, unlike in the show where a stun beam is also shot first; instead, there's a light when the Contract Monster bike starts to hit the opponent. (Ironically, in Climax Heroes, only the stun beam part is done.)

    Tiger: Destwilder grabs and throws the opponent, instead of dragging them.

    Imperer: Due to technical limitations, only three Gigazelles attack the opponent (from 3 sides), instead of lots of 'Zelles as in the show. After that, Imperer (and Gigazelle) finishes the opponent with something that looks like Psycho Crusher (carrying their weapons), instead of a knee kick.

  4. Ayuda ¿Como gano al Knight Survive Form y Ryuki Survive Form? me faltan esos 2 mas la version black de ryuki/
    Help How can win the knight survives survives Ryuki shape and form ? 2 But I ESOs missing The black version of Ryuki.


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