Keep Dreaming – Ganryu NEW Sega Dreamcast Game – Adam Koralik


It’s Adam Koralik here and today we’re discussing Ganryu It’s a relatively new Sega Dreamcast game. Well to be fair, it was released quite a few years back for the Neo Geo AES and MVS, but now it’s on the Dreamcast! Originally released in 2017 by JoshProd.

Buy it here:


  1. Adam, are you gonna cover Xenocrisis when it releases, it has a Genesis and a Dreamcast release I believe. Also yeah this game looks great, I love these kind of games, Hagane, Shinobi, Alien Soldier esque style.

  2. Picked this one up awhile back. I have bought a lot of indie games for Dreamcast, but I will be staying away from these Neo Geo emulated games. I don't really care to buy an emulated version of a game. The framerate and sound are also slow. I kept feeling like it was frame skipping a lot when I played it, and then checked out a video of it running on the NEO GEO and it was much smoother and faster.

    4X4 Jam looks a bit interesting though, as its an actual port.

    I am still hopeful for the DCindie game one day. Sturmwind set a bar that no game has ever even come close to.
    Intrepid Izzy looks beautiful, the kind of 2D game the DC would have came out with back in 99/2000.

  3. wake me up when homebrew finally rediscovers that the Dreamcast was originally pitched as a 3d console. I get why hardcore collectors buy these games for $40usd, but as a more casual fan; i would have been happier playing these types of games on an old smartphone for half the price a decade ago.

  4. I’d love to see the Jazz Jackrabbit series on a Dreamcast compilation disc. That’d be super awesome!

  5. Nice ! 🙂
    PS : wait a minute.. it's a NEO GEO game…. I knew I saw this game before…
    Anyway.. nice transfer (sounds like the scrolling isn't so smooth as my memory…)

  6. Man, one game I really wanted to be ported to Saturn or Dreamcast was Sega's arcade shooter The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Really wish someone would port that to DC with full light gun support.

  7. While I love new Dreamcast releases, throwing some old rom on a disc & selling it for $40 rubs me the wrong way. Even if I'm simplifying it a bit & there is more work done, it still seems a bit shitty. That said, JoshProd's 2018 releases look awesome (Battle Crust, Okinawa Rush and Fade to Black).

  8. Why are games like alices mom's rescue and ghostblade now being released by Josh prod. I own alices mom's rescue and it doesn't have his name anywhere on it so what has changed?

  9. Hi. That's a good game to buy. It's like Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi or The Legend of Kage (has good music too). God bless, Proverbs 31

  10. Honestly at this point I wouldn't be suprised if he could port ePSXe or make a full bleem port for the Dreamcast or even port Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 to the Dreamcast


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