Let’s Fail: The Karate Kid for NES


I played this when I was a kid…it sucked back then…I played this as an older gent…it still sucked…such is the circle of life for The Karate Kid for NES…

Again…next time it will be Punch Out, Double Dragon, and then River City Ransom after that since they were requested. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned.


  1. great video i remember playing this as a kid it sucked then and it sucks now if it has the LJN seal of death then is bound to suck donkey dick

  2. They should call this game The Karate Kid Part 2, and Jaws should be Jaws the Revenge. In fact I remember some toy ads calling it Jaws the Revenge. Also the beginning of the karate Kid 2 where they show the aftermath of the tournament was supposed to be the end of part 1. Maybe they should call this game the karate dick.


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