Let’s Play Frogger (PS1) Part 1: Gone Retro


First few stages of Frogger for PS1


  1. This was probably my favorite version of Frogger ever. At first it seemed like it was just gonna be all sorts of the original levels over and over again. Thankfully it turned out to be massive and have probably the most diverse levels in Frogger history =)

    It was hell to get all the Gold Frogs at the end, and like with most games back then wasn't worth it to get em, but damn if it didn't feel satisfying when you finally 100%ed it.

  2. this was the first ever video game id ever played. I was three, and now im 12, and for about 2 years ive been looking for a copy of this game

  3. I've had this for PS1 too, and yesterday i took my sister to a thrift store to buy some clothes, i decided to check tnhe

  4. I grew up with the PC version. I have both the PC and PS1 versions of the game. As soon as you started playing the first level in this video, you said, "Well, this is easy!" Just you wait! You're in for a rude awakening. Hoo, boy! This game is hard as BALLS. You better know the infinite lives cheat, because otherwise you're going to have to wait through a couple thousand Game Over screens!


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