Let’s Play Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life 01: Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Valley


Welcome to Let’s Play Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

In this episode, we start our new farming life in the little town of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Will we find love and happiness among the people? Let’s find out.

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  1. I wanna get one harvest moon for my 3ds this february like stroy of seasons 2 that i will buy but which one should I buy for 3ds that is already out.My mom want to buy me a eshop card for a gift so one with Character Customization and easy for beginners plz guys I need your Thoughs before the 31 January 2016

  2. just got this on ps4 (well the special edition version anyway lol) and since it's my first time playing i'm gonna use this as a guide (while trying to figure out how to date Nami)

  3. Hey, just wanted to say I enjoy your channel. HM/RF games have been a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine since High School. I'm oddly into watching others play them because 1) im not very good at management, and 2) I love seeing other marriage candidates play out.

    Gonna catch up with this one since I've never played AWL before 🙂

  4. why haven't you made "SoS:ToT"'s LP, maaal??
    are you ever gonna make it?? or. .please don't you dare tell me the otherwise.

  5. I showed my horse my son ONCE and now my horse hates me 😞 how can I get his cute neighs back with the heart?!

  6. Hah I remember I got the blue feather THREE DAYS into the game somehow
    Also, one time Murrey was stealing food from my fridge. I advise you not to use the fridge.

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