Live Garage Sale Pickups (spy cam) – Boxed NES Action Set, PS1, GameCube, Nerf Guns


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  1. I remember seeing Teddy as a toddler. Your kids are getting so big. Its as if we are all watching your kids grow up (while watching you score some beautiful games)

  2. Nice finds, pretty jealous you found a mint condition of metal gear solid for that price. One of my favorite games of all time!

  3. you should let andrew try pokemon go its very awosome it encourages u to get outside you should make a video about that

  4. lol my sister usedto have that bratz game on gamecube and also that bugs bunny and taz game is actually a hidden gem and also goes up for a bit of money as well so yeah great pickup there mate;)

  5. Please get camera glasses instead of using your keychain camera or phone. We can hardly see what you're looking at, and you won't have to fumble around with one hand. Thanks, like your channel.

  6. wow man 50k!!! you deserve!!! Watch all your vids. When you say 120 sales, you mean on craigslist or kijiji? that thing with "why did you open the airplane" was pretty funny! Great finds. I am on vacation on NYC and its been pretty hard to find stuff here.

  7. Hi, just wanted to say I like your vids. Watch them every Sunday morning drinking coffee an sorting out my comics. I need to hit up garage sales more open. Had a question who Matt was? How did you encounter him. Just curious is all. Any ways have a good day! ??

  8. Hey see jay I don't know if you would know the answer to this, but my Wii is acting up and it won't read any of my disks even thought they are scratch free. Do you happen to know any possible way to fix this problem if so thanks. P.S any one who reads this may answer as well. Thanks 🙂

  9. Dont you hate it when people end up saying " Oh no, this item is worth "xxx" " …listen bitch, ebay does not set the value of shit. Also its a FUCKING Yard Sale, you're not a store, and you SURE didn't say anything near that price ya fucking cunt. Greedy fucks.

  10. Im sorry but I absolutely hate it when kids in the background keep talking or make noise.. especially when the parent doesnt answer them because then they go on and on and on..

  11. it makes it so awkward that people say they don't have video game stuff when they in fact do have video game stuff. having to say every console name in existence at every sale is a little tedious.

  12. I would have passed on that $80 boxed NES. Not an amazing price for a yard sale, but it's not terrible. Maybe if it was the Rob the robot set…totally could do that.

    Not sure if you know, but what kind of count are you at collection wise? I'm just curious.

  13. whenever i see those big boxes of cds and dvds with games i almost feel obligated to buy atleast one so they dont know im taking video games


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