Luigi’s Mansion (Dark Moon & Gamecube) – All Boss Fights


This video shows all of the boss fights across the two Luigi’s Mansion games (Luigi’s Mansion for Gamecube and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS).


  1. There's also the mini boss in Luigi Mansion Dark Moon
    The Three Sister in Haunted Tower B-3
    Strong Sneaker in Old Clockwork C-5
    and Strong Poltergeist in Treacherous Mansion E-3

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  3. I liked both games and all the boss fights. Well, except for the Boolossus fight in the first game and the E-5 Paranormal Chaos in the Treacherous Mansion (If you count that one)

  4. I just realized something. Why is the second game called Luigi's Mansion? Only the first world / level has a mansion.

  5. I really think they should make a Luigi's mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch, anyway Dark moon wins this round, the bosses in the sequel were more competitive and cooler than the first game and always will be.

  6. Best boss:5. Melody piassma4. Bogmire3. Vincent van gore and overset possessor 2. King boo (both)1. Tough possessor

  7. hey guys you can just get the game for the wii and play it did you know that you are able to play nintindo gamecube games on the wii


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