Mario Kart 64 FINALE: Special Cup 150cc! Race to Mario Kart 8 Marathon!


Mario Kart 64 FINALE: Special Cup 150cc! Race to Mario Kart 8 Marathon!

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Abdallah plays through the second installment of Mario Kart in the series, Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64!

Join the #MarioKartMarathon and the Race to Mario Kart 8!

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  1. The reason why they have the question marks in Yoshi Valley is because of all the different routes there are so because of the different routes it would be hard to know who's in what position.

  2. hahahaha this going to be awesome Abdallahsmash026 will scream at the camera it's going to be so funny hahahahaahahahah lol lol lol it's going to be fun and awesome

  3. I used to only know what Mario Kart DS was, untill I got introduced to Mario Kart 7 and all the other Mario Kart games by the Internet and my parents


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