Master System on Sega Genesis!


NowI can play Master System games on my Sega Genesis!!

Intro animation –


  1. I'd love for someone to create a retro system that plays cartage for every system from the 2600 to the N64 . Then I can get one system and start collecting games and controllers.

  2. I have a Power Base Converter that I got well before they went way up in price. I think I got it for $8. I have never seen one of those model 2 converters either in the wild or in game stores, although I was aware of them.

  3. this is feedback for Ted, hearing you say heeelll yeah is what makes the episode some extra worth of watching do not deplore the helll yeah, cheers me up every time

  4. Lots of Terminator music in this video.
    You got the music from the first stage of The Terminator by Virgin Interactive
    Then later when play Rastan you are using the music from Terminator 2 Judgement Day (not the arcade game the other games) produced by BITS (published by Acclaim using their Flying Edge sub).

  5. Master System and Genesis are my favorite systems right now. I still love NES and SNES, but the SEGA systems have been my main focus of play lately.

  6. Glad you mentioned the pause button Teddy! We will have Master systems with the pause button in the controller along with many others mods like the fm sound. Will sell the kits with controller to do the pause mod also.

  7. One of the best YouTubers of all time! Consistently brilliant and hillarious. I'm actually almost convinced that you are a talking teddy, keep the bangers coming Teddy!

  8. The only other way I play the original Rastan on the Genesis is when I pop in Taito Legends and then lay the PS2 on top of my Genesis. Works awesome.

  9. i dun know if u like role players much teddy…but the y's game on sega master system is pretty good…miracle warriors is also pretty good (if u can get past some flaws)
    but as far as i am concerned, rastan, shinobi, ninja gaiden, and wonder boy the dragon's trap all make the master system a worth while collectible..if ur rich…throw in the aleste shooters!!!! for the haters, yeah i said it…best ninja gaiden is on the master system!!!


  10. GRAPHICS IN 64 COLORS!!! I can't believe it! LOL 😛 What I mean is I can't believe how FAR we've come… and believe ME – I was there from the start!


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