Mastering the Steam Controller – Dolphin


Why play GameCube games with a good controller when you can play them with a GREAT one?

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  1. Instead of using 1 and 2, you can use left-stick-click and right-stick-click, so no need to right click into the menus if you press the soft-pull before trying to map the button (or map in dolphin first before remapping the Steam Config)

  2. I really appreciate these videos. everyone with a steam controller should watch these, unless they are smart enough to do this stuff on their own.

  3. This video is the only thing on the whole Internet dealing with this problem. I really can't thank you enough I could NOT figure out how the hell to get it to work with dolphin. You saved the day. Now my wifes playing super mario sunshine and looks like a little kid shes so happy. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i need help when i get too the ximput with my steam controller and nothing works not a buttons works it still thinks my steam controller as a mouse and keyboard ? i need HELPPPPPP SOS?

  5. it dont work…… i'd try to map the button on dolphin like u said with X input but the software dont detect the controller ,the software onyl detect on DInput and when i presse the button a to map the standard controller it is write "return"….

  6. As part of the Steam Controller, you can export the settings and people can search them. Maybe you could put the name or the link of the steam config setup, so we could just download the steam setup portion and save some time. Just an idea. Thanks for walking me through this!

  7. I've watched the part at around 4:07 so many times and I still have no Idea what I'm supposed to do. What do you mean by "head down and select cursor" Head down where? Where is cursor selectable? Your IR red thing is moving around when you're doing this but mine is not. I have steam opened with gyro set to mouse so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  8. Instruction videos are either 30 mins of over explaining how to open a folder in windows or 5 minutes of explaining fucking nothing and providing no links to your preset settings.

  9. Whenever I go into Dolphin through Steam, when I am configuring the controller inputs in Dolphin, it acts as if it's in the browser mode. I can't seem to get my Steam config to go through when I launch Dolphin. Could you help with that?

  10. Great video! Only problem, like many others, I can't set up the IR bindings to the gyro. I right click on "up" then select keyboard, find the Y+ cursor but when I click on it, it doesn't save it as the command, it just leaves it blank.
    I believe I set up my steam controller correctly as I can move the cursor with the SC gyro. It simply won't accept it as a command on dolphin.
    Any idea on what I can do?
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Everyone, You may notice in Dolphin that your Xinput Gamepad won't show up only keyboard/mouse yeah? Make sure your Steam, Steam controller drivers and such are all updated. After I updated everything related to the steam controller the Xinput showed up. So give that a try first

  12. this will be buried, but for the love of god download and use the development version of dolphin, the official 5.0 is over a year old at this point!


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