MediEvil Walkthrough – Part 1


Introduction to the Playstation game Medievil. There is no Chalice of Souls in the Dan’s Crypt level, however, we will be returning to this level soon. We collect a Life Bottle which grants Dan a full life bar when his current one depletes, there are nine of these throughout the game. If you are to run out of projectiles at any point you can equip Dan’s Arm and use it as a projectile, but this is fairly weak.


  1. Think I was around 9 years old when I first played this, scared the living shit out of me and had my mother translate some parts for me when I got stuck, since I didn't know any English back then. The nostalgia is strong within this one.

  2. I console with THE DARK BOOK an Android game inspired by MediEvil is not the same but better than nothing, pity that there will not be the Remake?

  3. Finally in my 20's beat the game through emulator, becuase I haven't understand english, being a 8 years old boy and Czech 🙂 But I loved the game even back then. And playing it after all those years and actually understanding the storyline is something beyond explanation 🙂 Tried playing Medievil 2 – but couldn't finish it – honestly, I didn't like it, too fancy for my liking :/ BUT this first Medievil is like a legend to me m/

  4. MediEvil was first released in North America and Europe in October 1998 and I was 12 years old. I remember playing this at my friends house and I absolutely loved it. Great story, great gameplay and a great adventure. Brilliant graphics for it's time and the soundtrack was perfect. You don't get games like this anymore that's for sure.


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