Milorganite on SALE NOW!!!


WOW!! Found milorganite on sale at a wall mart store for 2$ a bag! That’s a huge savings! That’s cheeper than you can even get it at the factory. I saved over 200$!!! That’s right! it was well worth the 50 mile drive to get it!! Check out the Brickseed site to see if its on sale around you!

Lets get one thing clear right now, I’m no expert in anything. However, I’m also not afraid to try different things. I’ve been wanting to start getting my lawn back into some kind of shape for some time now. The final straw was when one of my neighbors asked me how the weed patch was!! That was it, the war is on! Its every neighbor for himself! its time to start

If you haven’t seen the first application of weed killer (Ortho Weed Be Gone) ……

Second application of weed killer …….

Putting down Milorginite Fertilizer ……….

Measure your mower height…….

Sowing grass seed:……….

How to put down Starter Fertilizer…

Effects of Tenacity

How to Shampoo your lawn

BARENBRUG USA 11205 Water Saving 5 lb Grass Seed …

Brick Seed web site for milorginite..


  1. Where at Walmart? It’s not in there lawn and garden section because Walmart has all there Christmas stuff in that area right now, maybe in clearance section but not lawn and garden but that’s a heck of a deal though

  2. This site is great. I was unable to find Milorganite in my area but got "Scotts Lawn Fungus control" for only $3.00 a bag. I'm loving this site.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this site. I will keep an eye out.

    Good find on the Milorganite. I'd stocked up for the next several years. That stuff lasts for a long time as long as it doesn't get wet.
    I once caught a deal at Lowes for Holly Tone – $2 a bag. I still have a few bags after many, many years. I go in the lawn and garden area during the winter months to see what I can find every now and again. You just never know.


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