There is a new Sega Genesis clone console on the market, and I was sent a product to review. I have chosen a few games to test on this console and showcase the results in this video. Overall I thought that the sound was accurate, as well as having decent controllers bundled with it.


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  1. Just some additional info that might be helpful to people. The controller length is just shy of 6 feet. There is a switch on the back to play imports. The Everdrive Flash cart (version 1.0) would not work. Still a great starter console for those who just want to play some Genesis games on a budget.

  2. Not sure if you mentioned this in your video (may or may not of have a quick nap lol), but does this play 32x games?? I can never get them to work properly in my Genesis/32x.

  3. I assume its just a console on a chip and not a full FPGA solution so it is emulating the hardware which is why the SVP chip on Virtual Racer won't work.

  4. I really like Gamerztek designs for their aftermarket consoles, but they don't ship to mexico, so I'll never get one.

  5. If it had the original Generation 1 Sega Genesis design, I'd pick it up in a heart-beat. Still on the fence about it.

  6. Looks like a glop-top GOAC system John. Surprised the sound and controllers are not both just garbage. Still, that decision to spend a few extra cents to get those important details even passably right makes all the difference between this being a good product at $25, and a terrible one even at $10.

    Didn't the Virtua games fail even on the "Genesis 3"? This might literally be the same hardware in the box.

  7. I don't really get this. I mean I do in a way, but approaching this rationally, if you're not going to be playing on original hardware, you might as well emulate. Sure, the cartridges are still original, but they're just a medium holding the ROM. The magic happens in the hardware. And since you can't play custom chip carts like Virtua Racing, that makes it even worse.

  8. Looks like a well design Sega Genesis clone but with no option for S-Video, it kinda make me lose interest as both the Retron 3 and Super Retro Trio support S-Video for Sega Genesis gameplay which makes the video quality look sharper over the blur AV quality. Quite disappointing too since their SNES clone had S-Video support.

  9. John – you got scammed doing a video for this one – I hope they paid you – this $10 unit is not worth it the job alone – no hdmi is garbage by clone console standards today

  10. It definitely looks like its lacking as far as connectivity goes. Legacy connections aren't exactly a great thing for modern gaming. On the other hand, its quite affordable, but I still prefer the original hardware to be honest. Emulators also play the bulk of Genesis games perfectly, which is essentially what this device is doing anyway.

  11. Most of the time you can use a video converter (or a series of different video converters) to convert the signals and cables to any TV you have (whether you are trying to play an Atari 2600 on a new 4K TV, or trying to watch a YouTube video from a brand new Dell computer on a 1970s TV).

  12. Is there any modern controller that is as good as the classic controller for the Genesis?

    8Bitdo does a SNES controller that is as good as a new SNES controller, and I'd love to be able to find the same for Genesis.

  13. It's literally the MD Compact with a recoloured shell and a different looking power button. The MD Compact is much cheaper for international buyers too.

  14. You have a game capture device, but you don't capture the games with it…tough to grade the AV output quality when you record a TV as opposed to capturing it straight from the source.

  15. Will an everdrive or mega drive work with this console. I purchased one based on yours and rg85's review of this system and love it. But was curious if said cartridges would work. Thx for any info.

  16. 25 BUCKS?! Okay, my Genesis recently broke, and all I've had to stimulate my 16 bit nerves is AtGames' SEGA Genesis Flashback Trashback. With this, I can sell that piece of junk

  17. I actually contacted Gamerz Tek about Virtua Racing and they said that they might look into making a revision for the MiniGen that will improve compatibility with Virtua Racing. Also, just so you know, the MiniGen is actually compatible with the Sega Master System games (if you have a converter, like the one available from Stone Age Gamer). Also, as of me asking (which was about a month or two ago) Gamerz Tek said that Virtua Racing was the only game they tested that was not compatible with the MiniGen.

  18. My Samsung TV from 2011 has av and hdmi , Bought a Panasonic last month new AV and HDMI ,plug my dvd into the av like always , I even see 4K tvs that have AV inputs. Where are you people buying your tvs from ? Or is those companies just skimping on features for the North American market ? Got my genesis hooked up to my Samsung HD tv like always which has 50 and 60 hz modes.


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