Modern N64 Controller with Super Mario 64 – Brawler64


Chris tries out the new Brawler64 gamepad from Retro Fighters with Super Mario 64. See how it compares with a regular Nintendo 64 controller. Would you use this instead of the official one?

Want to see another game played with the Brawler64? Leave a comment below and if we own the game, we’ll try it out!

Pre-order now from the Retro Fighters website:


  1. Please do a video showing Zelda and how it feels to aim. You mentioned it and I feel it's the ultimate test for how good a control stick feels. I haven't gotten mine yet and probably won't for a couple days. Very curious to what other people think.

  2. THANK YOU! Finally someone who shows the one thing that nobody else is showing! The analog sensitivity. Anyone who's ever replaced an N64 control stick with one of those Gamecube style replacements by Hyperkin knows that they are overly sensitive and have almost no analog progression. 1:33 is what I came here to see. Thank you for doing a proper review.

  3. Watching you run around in circles at 0.25x speed, I can't help but notice that it almost looks like you're using a dpad as an input. Seems to only have eight degrees of motion. Do you notice that the analog stick jumps into diagonals too quickly? I've been thinking about buying one but I can't bring myself to if the analog stick isn't precise enough in its angles.


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