Modern NES Controller Review


After seeing this controller at a trade expo a long time ago, I contacted the company Retro Fighters and requested to review the product. This is the same company that is making a modern day N64 controller on Kickstarter. Does this controller make good use of that analog sticks?

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  1. I'm a relatively new fan from Portland John.
    Love the channel and the growth of the channel. Hope you've been well through these wildfires.

  2. Love the NES but the N64 is the most overrated Nintendo systym. The N64 had a terrible controller and maybe 7 great games and a lot of terrible games filled with fog to cover pop up.

  3. Hey John! Is the thumbstick "free range" of movement like a ps/Xbox controller? Or more like a gamecube or n64 controller with stop's? Does the NES recognize diagonal movements?

  4. I love John however, hear me out, The Mortal John Hancock would be a much better name don't you think, considering the late great true Immortal John Hancock being one of our Country's founding fathers. I think the name Mortal John Hancock is far more suitable a cooler. But either way, I Love both Johns. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Over 12 minutes for a retro controller review..way too long…You fit that Patreon plug in, though…The constant begging for free donations and free money is getting kind of old, John….(No matter how many kisses you blow)

  6. Hey John i have watched your channel for about two years and i really love your content. I live in Gresham Oregon and i missed PRGE last year cuz of work and i was really hoping to meet you and say hi and thank you for just being an awesome genuine guy. Hope the new School year is going good! I just started my Patreon pledge just cuz you deserve it. Your such a nice guy. Just so you know i dont pledge to anyone else yet but i appreciate all you do for the community. Thanks john

  7. We need an 911 memorial for disenfranchised gamers who got features they didn't need, like, or understand. How do they survive? Poor lambs…

  8. one thing i don't get is why people want to collect FULL console system games when they only played certain ones or even a hand full of that consoles games…. i'm NOT knocking you john, it's just a thought i always had. i mean i grew up with atari 2600, intellivision, colecovision, sega master system and of course the NES and i loved a few games off each system and a few multiplayer ones when it came to family and friends joining in. but to me all the rest of the games were either boring, or just never were that interesting for me to even continue to play/beat. so why collect them when you buy a certain system and start to build your library ? i'm not trying to annoy or come off sounding like a richard. but i honestly feel the money spent on the "filler" games to complete a collection could be spent on the really good or favorite titles and still have money left to buy another console you don't have and grab your faves for it. sure you don't have complete collections, BUT you do have the games you would actually play and enjoy over and over and have much more room space lol.

  9. It looks like a good controller man, I'm sure it's much more comfortable in your hand than the original rectangle style controller. I don't really know what you would need the shoulder buttons for, kind of interesting.

  10. I realize I have less subscribers, so by YouTube logic you're better than me, but I have a film degree and you really should cut before walking to the camera to switch it off. You can also sound bridge to the next shot of a product, frequently cutting back to you speaking about it on camera. More cuts equal more energy and that can make a channel explode in popularity.

  11. Man I love RC Pro Am too! Classic hit, one of the top games for the NES in my opinion. Sounds like you should have bought the game back then! I love Silkworm too, I have the NES cart but later bought the JAMMA board for the arcade experience.

  12. I think it'd be interestin to get my hands on, fer a trial. I really recommend the Hyperkin Retron HD controller, myself. It's sold, separately, under another name (my local retro store stocks them), but they're easily found on Amazon by searchin fer "Retron HD controller". One of my favorite controllers. Love it even more than the original NES controller.

  13. Some people complain that this controller is not suited for PC games but it's not meant for PC games. It's meant for playing NES games on an original NES or on a PC running an NES emulator. The shoulder buttons can than be used to select certain options available in the emulator.

  14. I had no idea that Retro Fighters even made anything else. Thought their Kickstarter was their first foray into controllers. Thanks for sharing, I'm even more excited about getting their N64 controller now.

  15. Wondering if I got a collectors game here it a N.E.S game called Dragon power from 1986 sort of like Zelda two in style and as far as I can tell it is the first Dragon Ball game cause the playable character is Goku and you are searching for 7 crystals to be granted a wish from a great Dragon.


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