Multiple GameCube controllers working for the Nintendo Switch


Mayflash adapter: (

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  1. Is this from the original adapter or the mayflash GameCube adapter? Cause the Mayflash only recognizes 1 GameCube controller for all sockets

  2. My mayflash game cube adapter, a third party accessory, does not work with wii u mode but a pc mode (in need of an update).
    If anyone have any third party wii u gamecube adapter work or won't work, leave a reply please.

  3. The switch only has three USB ports natively right? So you can't plug in two GameCube adapters out of the box… You need a splitter or adapter to do that.

  4. Yo! You actually only need 2 USB Ports to connect 2 Smash Bros/GameCube controller adapters. The gray plugs are for the rumble feature which doesn’t work at all (as far as I know) when using GC controllers on Switch. The black plugs are what actually enable the controls.

  5. Damn, Nintendo truly is bringing out the big guns all in Year 1… except for Smash. We'll get that either Year 2 or Year 3.

  6. Yeah so like this is cool and all, but I don't even have one friend to use a second controller, much less seven other friends

  7. Can you make Justice League Heroes voice clips tomorrow, and Superman Returns game voice clips and Spider-Man 2 game voice clips?

  8. buying extra gamecube controller back in 2002 was the best investition one could ever make!
    this controller remained over wii, wii U and now switch generation. and they still work, if you did not abused them or smash them against a wall or something


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