Music Comparison: Street Fighter 2 (SNES SF2T vs Sega Genesis SF2:SCE)


Please tell me about your thoughts of these 2 games in the Comment Section.

0:00 Character Select Screen

1:35 Balrog’s Theme

3:22 Guile’s Theme

5:33 Ken’s Theme

7:50 M.Bison’s Theme


  1. Honestly, and I'm not looking to argue or anything, I prefer the Genesis's music a lot more. Why? Because, even though the SNES had more complicated songs with more instruments, the Genesis just has a more, as I call it, electronic sound, which I love.

  2. The sega genesis one is the closest to the arcade version, snes is great too but the reverbs and delays do something intirely different to me, after all, genesis sound better to me

  3. Megadrive version rapes the snes version all day long. only thing better about snes is the graphics but music and gameplay on megadrive is closer to the arcade. snes would lag really badly whenever there was a hadoken or projectile on the screen

  4. I agree that the Genesis version sounds more like the arcade, but I do not think that is a good thing. SNES any day.

  5. nem se compara, vc ve claramente a superioridade nas musicas da versão do SNES quando toca a música tema do Guile

  6. i was a sega player and never had snes of my own but i always secretly envied the snes sound its like leaps and bounds better than the genesis, its time we come to terms with that and let it go… XD

  7. Genesis: Much fuller bass and percussion. Could have sounded even closer to the arcade version but Capcom wasn't up to the task or something…
    Snes: Arguably better sounding lead instruments (like Guile's lead trumpet for example)
    Overall imho: Gen because music without bass is like a person without a backbone. It sounds souless.

  8. Capcom did an amazing job with the audio on the SNES version. Genesis version sounds cold and lacks fullness. I had the Genesis version by the way because I preferred playing on Sega's 6 button pad rather than using Nintendo's shoulder buttons.

  9. In the 90's, here in Brazil, few TV sets had Stereo sound, so the difference between them was barely perceptible, but later with the presence of more stereo televisions, the Super Nintendo won, since in Brazil it arrived only the Mega Drive version coming from Japan with mono sound. But when using the front amplifier output of the Mega Drive for headphones or stereo speakers then the Mega Drive was more interesting than the Super Nintendo because the stereo audio channels were more audible and clear.

    For game openings the sound of the Super Nintendo orchestra was more interesting, but for action games, guitar sounds, bass, trumpets, as if it were a music band, the Mega Drive was superior. Another highlight of the Mega Drive was the ability to simultaneously modulate different types of audios, FM, Yamaha and Zilog 80 generating 10 audio channels, which turned out to be sharper than the orchestrated mix of Sony's Super Nintendo chip that despite good quality with its 8 channels, which often cut some sounds to show others

  10. Capcom provided Nintendo with its finest Street Fighter II franchise. the programming team did really a good job on both the graphic and sound department. on the Megadrive the sound is not as complete as the S-NES one and the pitch volume is too high. a terrible conversion which tragically endured SEGA its whole existence as a videogame developer. don't get me wrong, SEGA is one of the best videogame developers in the world. first party games like Sonic the Hedgehog and the Streets of Rage series are as near of perfect. but third party games (ie. programmed outside of SEGA ) are of a lesser standard. exception is Strider (original from Capcom but reprogrammed by SEGA).

  11. I really can't understand people that likes Snes version… As happens in much Snes games, the sound bank sounds like an off tuned young orchestra. It has many pitch failures, it sounds choppy and simply like if someone were farting all the time in some songs. Despite that, and anyway, Mega Drive FM sound chip totally match the original SF arcade sound, so at this point, it's undeniable that objectively Mega Drive version is far supperior and better than Snes one.


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