My Dreamcast Video Game Collection


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  1. Very nice collection Mike. Grandia 2 & Skies of Arcadia are my favorite Dreamcast games. I would love to see your Sega CD/Saturn collection.

  2. Damn you got a great load of games. Nice collection there. BTW, Virtual On sticks are called "Twin Sticks," but it actually plays really well with the pad.

  3. Love the dreamcast, nice collection. Not sure how I figured it out when I was 15 but it was my first experience with using emulators and homebrew. Remember playing snes emulator that came with tupac menu music a lot. Think I came across it downloading/searching VMU games or updates like the downloadable sonic adventure online stuff. Also found a awesome skateboard vmu game back in 2000 really like to find that again

  4. My favorite version of resident evil 2 was on the Dreamcast. Hydro Thunder is still one of the best and only racing games I got into.

  5. Here is a good question do you think the Dreamcast was the nail in the arcades coffin? I always felt it was even though I think it's one of the best systems that never got to live to it's full potential.

  6. That is very impressive Dreamcast collection Mike! I do have few games here, some of them are on my wish list. Dreamcast is just awesome system to have and collect for. I'm also happy to know that people are still making games for it.

  7. "NFL 2K1, this is just … whatever" hahahaha, nice collection a little bit of "filler" but pretty solid overall.

    Though I did manage to get my hands on Under Defeat, Gun Spike, Mars Matrix, Ikaruga and Karous among others I`m missing some other "pricey" games that I want, Border Down, Trizeal, Shikigami no Shiro 2, Zero Gunner 2 and Cosmic Smash. I wanted REZ but the PS2 version (which I own) is better (there`s also a 4K version for PC and PS4) …

    Thanks for the Omikron recommendation, gotta check that out.

  8. Zombie revenge, wow one of my all time favorites from my childhood, those little monkeys with the meat cleavers were brutal.

  9. i never knew the dreameye was even a thing thats kinda neat. hells yeah capcom vs SNK is always a huge favorite. grandia 2 i only played abit of but from just that its already a huge favorite of mine. aero fighter in a blueray case looks pretty cool.
    awesome that you have frame grid i really enjoyed that one

  10. Hey man great stuff, i like those euro imports in blue the only one i ever had was evil twin Its so bizarre that its hard to even describe lol but i remember wanting it to come to the U.S. so bad. Also grandia 2 is awesome on dreamcast it kinda stinks on PS2 with alot of bugs and slowdown all kinds of junk in the PS2 version that makes it feel unfinished.

  11. Nice collection. I really should look into expanding my Dreamcast collection and get that puppy back online. I miss those days 😀

  12. Very nice! We've definitely got very similar tastes in DC stuff. I need one of those arcade sticks – been putting it off for ages. Awesome to see Frame Gride and Project Justice get some love!


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