My GAMECUBE memory cards.


A quick look at my collection of Gamecube Memory Cards. Just because lol! If there are any inaccuracies about my info blame WIKIPEDIA or better yet go edit/correct it!


  1. @nicknack631 So it was corrupted before you even used it? Some become defective just due to age. Are you using it on Wii or Gamecube? Can you format the card? Personally I have not had this issue but I noticed there seems to be a LOT of info and links if you GOOGLE search Corrupted Gamecube Memory card". I am by no means an expert in these matters. If anyone else has an idea or solution please comment.

  2. @nicknack631 Well sounds like the card is defective or has become corrupted. Don't know what else to tell you, can you complain to who you got it from? Nothing I can do to help you.

  3. read through past comments, i have no idea how to fix, google search "cannot format gamecube memory card" that is all i can suggest.

  4. I guess it's your preference really. Hey I would prefer wireless but I find those Gamecube wireless Wavebird controllers rare and pricey.

  5. my memory card for game cube wants to format and i format it but when i take it out and put it back in it wants me to format it again and sometimes it doesent want to format it says memory card cannot be formatted and sometime it says memory card damaged device in slot A connat be used what do i do?

  6. Sounds like a wonky card, is all this happening with 1 card or more than one? If it is one card then it sounds defective, if it is happening on more than one card then I have no idea maybe find someway to clean the card slot? I am not an expert on these matters…

  7. Wow nice man I have a GameCube with no memory Card and you have all these Their Rare Keep up the good work keeping them in good shape man

  8. i have a 1019 memory card official and anything 8 blocks and above corrupts it i dont get it i can play twilight princess and save all i wat i can play turok evolution works fine mario kart double dash saves fine i tried my copy of NFS most wanted i save says save succesfull then after i power it off go to load it up then it says save file has been corrupted i need help i dont know its problem my 3rd party card does the same thing.

  9. It is all packed away and been so long since I played that I have no idea. BUT I googled it in images and the back of the case says 7 blocks.

  10. Just one question, does Gamecube 1019 blocks memory card (the white one) has any technical  problems with saving the games ? as 'm looking to get one but I heard most have problems of such.

  11. My 1019-block memory card must not be allowed to be corrupted to erase all my saved data, because I don't want to start all over again and again. ?

  12. I have a madcatz one that works reallllly good. I also bought a gamecube memory card from amazon and it would sometimes work. Also my madcatz memory card says 4x. Do you know ehat that means?

  13. maximum rd I have a 16 mb, 64mb, and 128 mb. they are not corrupted. ihad a 59 block memory card since 2009 and a friend stole it from me.

  14. Our lived with us for the better chunk of my childhood years. The gamecube was our first console and we had a metric butt ton of games but no memory card for about 2 years. That madkats 1x was the first one we owned. Oh the struggles of playing all those games but only choosing the best ones to save on a small 59 block card. I miss those day's


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