my sega genesis collection


hey guys this is my sega genesis collection. i am a big sega genesis fan i love it and i noticed i didnt have a vid bout it or such so heres one. i have a lot of 75 completed games comin in the mail by next week so ill update it then and keep in mind “CARTRIDES ARE DURABLE” lol


  1. nice collection dude , you know the name of game i only remember in this game were cowboys and they were VS other cowboys ? beforehand thanks =) but you have a really super collection of cartridge =)

  2. @sonicfan441 u my friend have gained respect from me with that comment u left lol, gamers today dont realize that games will never be what they used to be.

  3. @80sMTV well this video alone i up'd it to 75 more games but check out my latest sega genesis collection… at 403 total at this moment.

  4. @Chepito2846 this doesnt compare to my genesis collection now! check out my newest genesis video consists of 403 plus games


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