My Top 5 Favorite Sega Saturn Games


Here is a list of 5 (plus one runner up) Sega Saturn games in my collection that are my absolute favorites. Enjoy!


  1. Love it! and I never had a Sega Saturn! Nothing better than watching someone when they’re enthused about something. Roll on the N64 and the rest. Doesn’t matter how many watch, do it for an audience of one if needs be 🙂 I’ll watch it!

  2. Anthony, great video on sega games. I was never really into gaming systems and would like to see if you could do a video as to why people collect the games? Is it to play them? Are they becoming harder to find? Is there a resurgence in getting the games people played as kids? Just trying to get a better grasp on game collecting.

  3. Thanks Anthony great video my friend. You think you could take some video of the game your top number one game just take a small clip so I could see what it look like one of these days do it in front of a TV show about a minute of it. I really like to see it. 1996 I was in Somalia getting shot at not fun times we were over there to try to keep some kind of piece missing after 90s they didn't like us. I found out that most places in the Middle East they don't like me or I should say they don't like us. Take care of my friend and God bless


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