N64 Complete Boxed Collection on Ebay for $40,000 – #CUPodcast


A discussion of an N64 complete library in box for $40,000. Update: sold with best offer:
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  1. I love how the shittiest games end up being the most expensive. The good ones like Perfect Dark and Zelda and Starfox and that were the only ones worth playing again, so at least there's more copies available

  2. Holy Shit Wayne Gretzki's 3D Hockey 98 was the best fucking hockey game by far. You could check the shit out of dudes and they flip in the air. And it had an awesome "fighting mode" with different attacks like normal punches and then attacks like pulling the other guy's jersey over his head and punching him in the gut. I can still hear their stupid little "umph" noises in my head.

  3. what the hellllll. why does he wonder why one would collect a complete n64 collection? lol im aiming for a complete BRAND NEW/SEALED pal collection…

    join Nintendo 64 Australia buy/swap/sell and discuss on facebook! we are an international collectors group located in Australia.

  4. Mike piazza is my favorite mlb player.. I had like 50 baseball cards of his.since he was my favorite I went out of my way to collect his cards.

  5. Bomberman 64: The Second Attack… the game I loved, but then let my cousin borrow.
    That was 15 years ago.
    Considered rebuying it when it was around $60 for the cart but then decided to wait for the price to fluctuate.
    That was mistake number 2.
    I ended up buying the JP version for not much over $20, but even now, I still want my original back or at least another US one…

  6. I'm Pretty sure I know this guy. I bought a ps3 kiosk from him. I was able to see that collection. Not sure what kind of collector he is but he did have other kiosks.

  7. 40K? That's pretty mental.
    The N64 obviously has some great games like Mario 64, Zelda, Pokemon Stadium etc but the majority of the games aren't really worth playing again because they're disposable sports games or crappy licensed games. It isn't like the NES or SNES library where there are hundreds of awesome original games.

  8. If Sculptors Cut was around 1k in Oct 2015, then I picked the wrong time to consider stating an N64 collection lol. Its like $5000 on ebay, with 1…MAYBE 2 legit listings that aren't fake. So the rarest titles alone are asking for about 15k now in total, then 5k for every other title maybe & 20-22k complete. I will note that even I 2015 the remark of $6 for a complete sports title was stupid. You cant even safely ship a boxed game for $6 unless you toss it in a bubble maler with no extra protection & you get the game you just bought smashed during shipping.

  9. It's because the N64 generation is just now maturing and now us 25+/- year olds have a little expendable income to relive and reclaim our childhood xD.

  10. These games aren't worth much even in the box…

    Conkers bad fur day and clay fighter sculptors cut are among the rarest games to find comeplete in Box…


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