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Nintendo 64 games that should be on the N64 Classic. With Nintendo making the NES Classic & SNES Classic a N64 Classic is inevitable so I list some of the best N64 games that would be ideal to have on there, along with some more like a wishlist. We got a lot of these on the Virtual Console so it’s not terribly out of the question.

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Background music from Super Mario 64 & Wave Race 64 on N64

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  1. My list is missing Superman 64…..I have failed you all, I shall drag my sorry low polygonal ass through countless floating rings to make this up to all of you. Also needs a bit of Paperboy 64 lol

    btw Gonna be at Retropalooza this weekend, so if you darling motherfuckers are in or around the Dallas area you should come swing by and say hello hello

  2. It's wishing a lot especially with the product shortage of the prior mini consoles, but it'd be nice to see them release 3 versions of these consoles. each having 30 games, but 3 different game packages. have sports games, racing/shooter/misc. then what I call the "Staple games" the must have obvious choices such as mario zelda etc…

  3. I'll give my top 10:
    1.)Mario 64 (Bonus feature-N64 DD version also included)
    2.)Zelda Ocarina of time (Bonus Feature- Ura Zelda from N64 DD included)
    3.)F-Zero-X (Bonus Feature N64 DD expansion included)
    4.)Mario Kart
    5.) Paper Mario
    6.) Donkey Kong 64
    7.)Diddy Kong Racing
    8.)Bomberman 64
    9.)Star Fox 64
    10.)MRC-Multi Championship Racing- This one's for me so deal. 😉

  4. Bomberman 64, Mystical Ninja, Fzero X, Super Mario 64, and harvest moon 64 are all worth purchasing an old n64 and shelling out hundreds for the carts. Bomberman 64 is one of my fav games from n64 era, and I owned and played the hell out of mystical ninja. The majority of the star wars games on n64, have a pc version currently available on gog. Both shadows of the empire and rogue squadron 3d, are on gog, and both are ports of the n64 versions. It would not be as big of a loss to lose those from an n64 classic mini, if they could put more games on that are not as readily available.

  5. The Nintendo 65 was my baby, man! Had one since 1998, and it's still running strong!!! Bring us back Goldeneye!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The only things I would add besides what you said would be 1080 Snowboarding, Mischief Makes, & Cruis'n the World. Nintendo solely owns Donkey Kong 64 so there wouldn't be any problem including it, if they wated to do Diddy Kong Racing they would have to work out a deal with Microsoft though because of Conker & Banjo being in it

  7. I would probably throw in the Zelda games but we already got them for the 3DS (unless they make some major improvements or inclusions that the hand held don't got or they totally do the bad ass master quest edition by stacking all those kick ass games together.) so here is my list: Super Mario 64, Turok,1-3, Mischief Makers, Resident evil 2 and 3, Star Wars roughe squadron and Shadows of the empire, Castlevania and Megaman 64 and the Zelda games all bunched up together like the Master Quest game in the game cube. those are my all star games that I know. Edit: some of the games AlphaOmegaSin are really good choices as well, he sure knows his shit.

  8. To add to your list I would like tony hawk and Starcraft 64 I loved that game, you listed everything else I could ask for from the system

  9. Good video. However this does bring a point that N64 emulation is kind of crap. The only games that really work are Zelda, Mario Kart 64, and Mario 64. Ever tried playing GoldenEye on a pi 3? It runs it like 10FPS

  10. Mystical Ninja was my game. . . It's a bit choppy playing it now, but 3D did that series so much justice in my opinion. Almost wish they'd give it a go again, but we all know about Konami now.

  11. I waited 8 hours outside of GameStop to get an snes classic on launch day because I didn’t get a preorder. I was one of the lucky few. Now to do the same whenever the n64 classic comes out because that was my favorite system of all time.

  12. Just add Mario Party 2 and we’re golden! 🙂 also extra controllers to buy in different colors. Atomic purple please 😀

  13. The problem is that this thing, once it's out, will be sold out faster than warm bread.

    There also will be missing games that should've been on the system.

  14. I like your rants but soooooooo much fuck you on shitting on MK4. That’s a great classic my buddies & I enjoyed and still do. Pokémon blows!!! I don’t think there will be an N64 Classic but I hope it does become a thing. Question is will Nintendo make enough?

  15. if i was limited too just choosing one 64 game, it would be snowboard kids.
    It was my childhood and all the other versions on later consols was big faileres for me

  16. i don't think anyone liked yoshi's story when it first came out :/ or yoshi's island…or yoshi's willy world…i mean woolly world XD

  17. Pokemon Stadium combo pack
    Star fox 64
    Donkey Kong country
    Mario kart 64
    Mario 64
    Kirby 64
    WaveRace 64
    Killer instinct gold
    Ultimate mortal Kombat 3
    F-Zero X or GX
    Zelda orcania of time


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