N64 Test Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus RetroPie 1580MHZ Overclock


Can the New Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus run Nintendo 64 Games any better than the original Raspberry Pi 3? Let’s find out!

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  1. One of my favorite channels, keep up the good work and I cant wait for more b+ stuff to come out! What would be killer is if someone could figure out an easy way to convert a existing image to work with b+. I have sooo many hours invested in my image that starting from scratch made me suddenly loose interest in my newly purchased b+ rather quickly.

  2. Hey ETA.

    In future.. list all your tweaks for getting a game running "smoothly" so people can see what you've done and maybe add suggestions later.


  3. Yes there are far more powerful boards out there but the price point, community support, and available how to information can't be marched guess I'm a pi fan boy

  4. Hi ETA Prime. Probably NOT the correct video to comment on, but it is the latest one you have posted, so chances are that you will respond sooner 😉 I need some help with my DS4 Controller. Wired and Wireless setups both work through configuring my controller. My problem is that my Hot Key gets setup as my "PS Button" and it takes, but when in any game, it never works? Is there another place to setup my DS4 Controller to get my Hot Key setup to work? Please help me if you can, as I have to Hard Reset my RPI every time I want to exit a game. And I KNOW that's not good for anything. Thanks in advance.

  5. The CPU increase doesn't matter much for emulating N64. The GPU is there issue. The plus won't be any better than the original RPi3.

  6. Has anyone ever tried putting an android OS on their PI, and then downloading the Mupen 64 plus app ? That version has more settings then the one on Retropie. I can get most 64 games to emulate well on my phone and my phone is low end.

  7. I know Retropie is emulation. What i don't get is, these games ran on hardware back then that was by today's standards, very slow. Its like a turtle vs a jackrabbit.

    I don't understand why those same games given far more power now, still run like crap.

    I mean the SNES as an example had a 3.5Mhz CPU. The CPU in the Pi is way more powerful at 1.4Ghz. I don't understand why its so slow. Same on the PC. I have other emulations including Retropie installed on my PC, which is a QUAD CORE i7 with 32GB of RAM, and the emulators still seem to run slow.

    Why is that?

    I know the emulators are software that is design to mimic hardware. But it still doesn't explain why its slow.

  8. Interesting to see how the BCM VideoCore IV GPU on the Pi struggles to run emulated N64 games, but an old Intel GMA 950, which is just enough to run KDE with good performance, can run N64 games buttersmooth.

  9. enable the 3d driver in raspbian and copy all the libretro cores from lakka. zelda 64 runs like 19.6 for me. retropie has no gl driver

  10. I do find games play much better when you use the pi 3 with an old CRT TV. Arcade games are also perfect, but I get stutters on my hdmi TV and have to tinker with the screen ratio.

  11. So I'm confused. Is there built in wifi and blue tooth or not? A lot of places are saying no. And you need adapters. Some say you don't.

  12. Thank Goodness it fits the Pi3 B plus. I may invest in another flirc case in the future but just to piss around with it. Its a relief to know it fits the old case.

  13. Oh… yesterday I've bought the B+ model with all the necessary to do a NES Pi and I didn't know that the 4.3 doesn't support B+… There are problems using the stretched image or it's safe to use?


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