Neo Geo Pocket Color & Sega Dreamcast – Did You Know They Were Compatible!? – THGM


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A man in a top hat, with a moustache, reviews rare video games in his massive collection. Appreciate the finer things in life. Top Hat Gaming Man is playing the best games and consoles for your entertainment, yeahhhh. All of the best games are like fine wines and only get better with age. Today, Top Hat Gaming Man discusses with Luke Street the possible compatibility of the Neo Geo Pocket and the Sega Dreamcast!


  1. I used it for SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash, SNK version & Capcom version. You would link it to certain Dreamcast games to get rare cards. I thought it was pretty cool at the time.

  2. Luke Street's aversion to the clicky stick doesn't understand how good it is because he hasn't played with it. It's a million times better than any dpad I've ever used.

  3. That Dreamcast video was well worth all the effort by the way! It was really interesting and extremely well done. šŸ™‚

  4. Neo geo,nec,and sega should have merged and made consoles rather than leaving the market yes consoles "don't matter" anymore but why is that it's because they don't have any personal flare or impressive hardware but that's also due to them settling with pc hardware rather than developing exclusively gaming hardware like what used to be done also don't reee at me I know this is pipedream nonsense

  5. Its not the first time sega have had their games on other consoles or even handhelds for that matter. Penguin land is an old sega game that got a gameboy port. Thats even more supprising considering both companies were main rivals at the time of the port. It even supprised me when i fired up an old multicart i owned and saw the sega logo looking back at me from the screen of nintendos handheld

  6. I know the Neo Geo Pocket can be backlit modded with Gameboy backlights but iā€™m not sure about the Pocket Colour would love to see someone do it.

  7. Never knew about the connection.Ā  But then again the marketing around me for the Neo Geo Pocket handhelds was so weak I didn't know they existed until they were already gone.

  8. Do you own a PocketStation? It could be an interesting item to cover. I remember reading that you could connect it to your PS1 and you could gain extra items in games like Final Fantasy 8.

  9. sonic adventure. sonic adventure pocket. that links up in my brain. I've tried without success. I think the ebay unit was faulty.

  10. Neo Geo Pocket Color, now there's another system that should have done a lot better than it did.

    I would like to see another retro styled handheld made by SNK, based around all of the Neo Geos called the Neo Geo Pocket Retro that has Neo Geo and Neo Geo Pocket Color games preinstalled (complete with compatibility with the Dreamcast and any future Dreamcast Mini)

    Video on the PS2? Still no upcoming video on the Amiga?! Come on! MsMadLemon was in the comment section for your Girl Gamers video!

  11. I wish these were things that caught on when I was a kid. Yeah it's a gimmick, but it could have been the start of something more interesting.

  12. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the Atari VCS. I've never seen such a divided opinion on a console, what with all of YouTube suspiciously hating it and all technology news sites (except IGN) suspiciously loving it.

  13. I knew about the connectivity, however, I'm not sure if it works on US games. I only knew of ONE store that was selling Neo-Geo Pocket Color and they went out of business (they were selling bootlegs)

  14. At no point in this video did you even mention how the 2 were linked? No doubt it required a proprietary cable?

  15. Fam the Dreamcast will always be the best system ever all sega consoles were ahead of their time

  16. I don't care for Pokemon, Neo Geo Pocket kicks the Gameboy's ass, it's 32 bit and its liberary of games is mostly good!

  17. I vaguely remember a commercial outlining that functionality back in the day. But like you said, no Pokeymans, no sale.

  18. I read about that in magazines back in the day, but I didn't have a dreamcast or a ngp.
    I didn't know how badly the functionality was exploited, though.
    Hardware wise, I would have compared it more to the GC-GBA link than an amiibo, but I guess the use given to it was more akin to amiibo functionality, though…

  19. I actually had both and think I knew about the connection, but I unfortunately lost my Neo Geo Pocket Colour at the time so never got to try that. It was short-lived after all.

  20. As a dreacast owner who was going to be using his Christmas present up with shenmue,I had to persuade my little brother to get the pocket color for this link up gimmick then realised after that the games that did anything with it were not worth the hassle at least metal slug was decent on it

  21. You probably know already, but for people who don't, you can burn Dreamcast ISO's to a standard CD-R if you use the overburn option in some Windows-based ISO burners, (I used Nero Burning Rom) they worked fine on mine and you could burn 1.2Gb games to a standard 80 minute/700Mb CD-R with the right software and (obviously) if you have the ISO of the Dreamcast ROM and capable burning software.
    Most games don't actually don't use the full 1.2Gb anyway.

    Yes I knew they were capable of interconnectivity, but never had a Neo-Geo Pocket Colour, so never tried it.
    I'm new to your channel and enjoying it a lot, it brings back some memories of me as a kid having an old ZX81, then a Spectrum +2, I pretty much had every console and microcomputer (except for the BBC Micro, Acorn Archimedes or anything Amstrad, yeah I know the Spectrum +2 is technically an Amstrad and that tit Alan Sugar basically bought Sinclair and killed it).

  22. Actually bought my Neo Geo Pocket Color during the Dreamcast's US launch. Finally had a semi-job at the time, but not enough to get a Dreamcast, and even then, I couldn't just walk into my Parents' home with it or they would have a fit! The NeoPoke is small enough to slip into my backpack, unnoticed! ^_-

    Ended up falling back in love with fighting games with the many on this system and it's lovely microswitch "joystick" (only way to really pull off those fighting game moves on such a small formfactor, but it was amazing)!


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