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Nintendo’s NES Classic has a fake, evil, bootleg clone called the Cool Baby Family Computer System!
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  1. my friend got this for a christmas gift from his parents (who probably just saw this and bought for no reason other than it looks like an NES) and now hes saying that he only plays it cause theres a felix the cat game on there, and now hes saying the controllers dont work at all, wait till i tell him hes playing pirated games that SUCK!!!!

  2. I was given this on my 18th birthday. I had to lie to the Chinese guy whom my dad bought it from by saying "I'm not into that old stuff, I'm a modern gamer." It was 60 dollars. Lemme tell ya, this was not cool, baby.

  3. I.m probably never going to get one of these even if I do somehow see one, but just out of curiosity, does it work with Genesis/MS controllers?

    Also, which version is SMB2 out of curiosity?

  4. As a collector of knockoff games and consoles, this console appeals to me. Especially since they included a bunch of homebrews and demakes that I've collected in cartridge form and am still trying to collect. I was sold at the Plants vs Zombies demake. Anyone know if this can be modded to run other Famicom.NES ROMs?

  5. I've got a Coolbaby with HDMI – only about 10 bucks more but worth it – I kinda love mine – lots of random stuff but I like it. Worth it just for the 3 Super Mario games and the Adventure Island games and like he said – all the weird oddities. I still want an NES Classic but this is just sorta fun to mess with. For the price it's not a bad travel console – y'know something to pack in a travel bag when you know you're gonna be stuck in a hotel or at someone's house and you're facing utter boredom and if it gets damaged – no big loss – they're cheap enough and easy enough to find in either AV or HDMI flavors

  6. Why didn't you review the Cool Baby HTMI version that came out!??
    I was so excited for this review until I saw you reviewed the wrong Cool Baby
    However, This was a stellar review of the games..Best review of this on youtube! Kudos

  7. I have this, also did you notice when you boot up SMB3 the "SUPER MARIO BROS" part is missing and it only says 3? No? Ok, your blind then

  8. I've seen an NES clone being sold in my local CEX store. It promises 84 games in 1.

    Never trust a console that says such things. 99% of the time, it's going to be crap.


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