NES Longplay – Metroid (100% + best endsequence)


Complete walkthrough from the NES game “Metroid”
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  1. you sir are not honest it's not that easy to beat mother brain, I keep getting killed by them projectiles that it's never possible to keep the energy tanks

  2. It's not so bad, beating the game. I don't think I could do what this guy did. I can beat the game in 3+ hours with about 1 death after a week of playing it, though. I can't do that trick jump in the second hideout which this guy does at about the 25 min mark. Very impressed. As far as "where to go," you just have to have a system — start high left in every map and work your way across, then go to the second highest left corner and work your way across. Like reading. Pretty soon, you've memorized the map with a little help from online maps.

  3. I remember the first time I beat this game when I was 8 or 9 (which took forever btw). It felt like my life was complete and I rode my bike all the way to my buddy's house to tell him.

  4. To this day, I'm still really impressed with this game. I mean, this came out in 1986, for crying out loud, a time when a few bits beating the hell out of some other bits counted as a game. But damn, this game is fully developed, challenging, and complex. People do not give those programmers enough credit.

  5. This Metroid is underrated as hell… aside from some Kraid's lair rooms, none of the rooms felt unfair. It does feel slower paced than the other games, but there's one thing in this game that makes me keep coming back to this NES classic…. It's HEAVY focus on exploration. Sure there's no map and everything, but to me, that ENHANCES the experience to me. It was fun getting lost in some of the areas to find various upgrades, missile tanks, E tanks, or maybe Kraid and Ridley themselves at their lairs. There's so many paths to take, and with my endless curiosity of what is in this or that area, I always check every nook and cranny to see what item can help me fight and survive against all the creatures of Zebes. Only problem I have with this game is that when you die, you start with 30 energy, which can be frustrating at times, but otherwise, this NES game will forever be in a special place in my heart… This game was extremely phenomenal for its time and I can definitely see why… I love it… my 5th favorite NES game ever and my 3rd favorite 2D Metroid side scroller (Tied with Super Metroid)

  6. I've never played a Metroid game. I really want to. Where is the best place I should
    Start? At the beginning or someplace else? I've contemplated buying Metroid and Super Metroid for my Wii.


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