New Dreamcast Game – Ganryu


Here’s a look a new Dreamcast game called Ganryu based on a Neo Geo game by Visco that came out in 1999. It’s available here:

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  1. I have a DC but unfortunately it will not display on my TV. I do ave a 32" Samsung CRT my kids use but maybe I will take it form them once they get a newer TV

  2. I do enjoy a good Dreamcast game and I love me some NeoGeo, so this is totally right up my alley. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, interesting stuff like this is exactly why I follow this channel.

  3. Looks like a bad shinobi clone. Dreamcast is way more powerful than this game is. I think people are making new games for dead consoles to have the record of 'i made the last one'.

  4. Every Dreamcast I ever owned broke because of the gdr. I'm sticking with emulation and ports for the Dreamcast.

  5. I swear that I’ve played this before. Are you sure this isn’t a re release? I think I played it on mame years ago. It was a neo geo arcade game. This must be the Dreamcast port.

  6. Cool will try to get it ASAP. I wounder if he our The Gaming Historian will ever talk about the Mil-CD loop hole since that's way these games exist today.

  7. Cheers for the video. My favourite Dreamcast game at the moment is Shenmue. Looking forward to Shenmue 3. Keep on gaming 👍

  8. the point of arcade games is to have fun, not to worry about credits. this looks like a pathetic consoled version to make the game last "longer" rather than be a true arcade experience. awful.

  9. Time limits existed because the old game was to try to play as long as possible.
    Even if most players didn't think that way, all it would take is one player to hog the gamw.


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