New EZ Flash IV MicroSD Version **1080P**


Just wanted to do a quick video of the new EZ Flash IV flash cart for the GBA/DS Lite/GameBoy Micro.

The link to where I bought mine from:

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  1. do u need a kernel in the microsd card? do i need to patch the roms with any software? or i just u know, drag n drop my gba roms in an empty microsd card.
    mine is a microSDHC by the way. tq

  2. i have put my games in the root of the sdcard, but i cannot see any games, do i need to put them in directories ?

  3. I've made a backlit version too. But I have the original white EZ Flash 4 that crapped out. Looking at this version, and looks like they still build them like crap. Probably going to pass for now.

  4. Hey. Did u install a AGS 101 screen? I believe u will say yes, but I'm wanting to mod my GBA for brightnes. It's hard too find 101 screens now. Was thinking of the AGS 001 screen but being front lit
    I'm not sure if I want too wait to find a 101 model. Well, what screen did u install? If u don't mind.

  5. If the L and R buttons are used to exit the game, what if L and R are game controls? If i play dk king of swing the menu will open when i play

  6. I had one, I liked it until it broke. Happy that I got it on Amazon and was able to return it. Something inside the cart was moving around. Like you said, cheap build quality.


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