New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Part 10 (4 Player, 2018)


Welcome to our new/old LP of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We figured we should give our girls a taste of the good ol’ days and bring them along for the adventure!

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  1. Guys I love your vids but remember the time in the old days their was a guy name Chris and the outher one named Tylor but keep up and maybe u can start a fortninte let's play

  2. can you do aonther super mario bros wii it ls a hack of new super mario bros wii please do that after new super mario bros wii so spencer could see it

  3. I’m playing this game while watching you guys I’m already up to bowser on world 8 glad people still play games that are a bit old

  4. can you people stop asking them to play Fortnite they won't do it this is a Nintendo based channel

  5. and even smash 5 is coming soon so they could come back for the ocasion.

    Like if u agree that cris and ty come back

  6. Tyson seeing as this is a PG channel now, are you gna do what u allways do at WORLD 9?!!!!! WHAT WORLD 9!!!

  7. I hope they do Mario party 7 or 8 after this
    Edit: I mean not to rush them cause I luv this LP….im having fun seeing them laugh and make mistakes

  8. Are you guys gonna play 3d world together because that would be fun to watch (like if you agree so they see this)


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