News Wave Extra! – New Dreamcast Games…In 2017?!


Two new Dreamcast games have been developed and are being released on physical media in September. This is great to see if you are a retro fan of video games as it could lead to more ports or new games built from the ground up for the Dreamcast.

Dreamcast Junkyard interview:

Dreamcast 4×4 Jam Gameplay:

50k New 2DS XL Entry:

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  1. Flahback is a great game I remember playing ityears ago on my genesis or sega cd dont remember the details just i was impresed with the quality in the graphix.

  2. But why would they reverse engineer the original source code from a game if they could,ve just compile it to another console languange ,wich the dreamcast can understand ,this way, they would,ve save time & efford.

    Unless they wanted to update the game engine, updated & enhanced graphics & sound etc,,,

  3. Perfect scenario: Undertale released for the Dreamcast (would buy it so hard!). More retro style games ported to Dreamcast. Sega realizes how Dreamcast became popular and release Dreamcast Flashback with functional GD-ROM, so the games development for the Dreamcast continues.

  4. I think the main reason that so many indie and homebrew titles are still coming to the Dreamcast is because unlike the Saturn it's one of the easiest retro consoles to program for. It's definitely cool how the community continues to pump out gems like these

  5. Elysian Shadows is supposed to be coming out for DC this year, but is looking more like next. The one I want to see most on the DC is Dust, it reminds me of Princess Crown for the Saturn by Vanillaware.

  6. The indie/homebrew scene for the Dreamcast is pretty big. Probably the one with the most potential. Too bad they're mostly shoot em ups.

  7. That's strange I saw somebody with the same shirt you have on I just ordered a black dreamcast sport edition are they very rare

  8. The Dreamcast was doing decent enough to survive a few extra years. what killed it was sega's horible money management and not having enough to keep it up.

  9. We definitely need more PSP games ported to the Sega Dreamcast! If anything i would LOVE to see Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories to it someday just to see how it looks on that hardware

  10. This is big. I was thinking about trying PSP emulators for the Dreamcast to play psp titles (only ones that I physically own, my PSP was stolen years ago), but… I'd be happy if some ports that were actually worked on were made.

  11. Look on back for huge sticker at bottom if you see a circle with a 1 it will play burned games but if it’s a 2 it won’t without modding


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