Nintendo 64 Cart Display Ideas for a Game Collection / Game Room


The Nintendo 64 Cartridge is an oddly shaped game to say the least. Curves in odd places make it difficult to display. Here are a few Ideas that I have found so far on how to display N64 games in your game collection or game room. Collect what you love!

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  1. Awesome thanks for the tips man. Ive got like japanese n64 games and us n64 games but i just got the two medium empty ramen noodles boxes.

  2. Great video, I especially like the clear holders. I like the idea of labels, but one thing I haven't liked about a lot of the n64 labels I have seen is that they cover the whole top, so if you needed to open the cartridge for cleaning, it makes it more difficult. I found this one shop on etsy that does end labels for a 1/2 cart, so that you can open them as needed. They also make end labels for Atari 5200, Vectrex, Sega 32x, and Atari Jaguar carts.

    I still am not sure how I like the look of the artwork, which is probably why I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet. However, I wanted to share this in case anyone else wants to check these out.

  3. Always a great video! My first thought was "will he have the end labels on his N64 carts?" and you worried me at first with them on the shelf!
    Also, when is Rose-Colored Gaming going to sponsor you!? They are missing out!!
    I second the protective sleeves; as you mentioned, they negate the curved edges of the 64 carts making them easier to stack, but they hardly take up any more space than the carts themselves, so you don't lose much from your shelf while keeping them safe in a way so that labels are not getting rubbed and worn either.

  4. N64 are a serious challenge to display well, and you nailed some great ideas here. I've always liked the top labels but never jumped on it, but you just gave me a great idea. Why not use the clear protectors and put the labels on those? Then no worries about labels on the games themselves (I think I've had a hangup about that and why I hadn't done labels thus far). I never really though of using the protectors specifically with 64 games, especially in regards to stacking, love it!

  5. I remember back with my N64 we always had issues with storing the games in a good way. The labels and the plastic boxes are great, it gives you a chance to store them but also quickly see which game you got. We ended up using small plastic transparent boxes from IKEA to store them in, this made it somewhat possible to see which game was which.

  6. Hey friend!
    Wanted to add that instead of buying the cases from rose colored gaming. You can buy the clear cases in bulk of 100 and then head over to the cover to get the covers to print yourself. Rose colored gaming has them readily available to use. Also. The clear protectors for retroprotection (Dan the man) can also have a super cool use. If you print the art for how the original box is you can glue it inside and store your cartridges on mini boxes! Works awesome with snes titles as well. I believe someone in Etsy already does this. Cheers man!

  7. I'm liking the Collector Craft option – seems to be the evolution of those old drawer-based storage cases, but in a less bulky form factor. Do the carts with the Retro Protection cases fit in the CollectorCraft 'thing', or is it too tight a fit when you add that extra layer?

  8. I really wish those Rose Colored Gaming cases were cheaper. I love the way they look. Also a lot easier then getting a case and using something like Cover Project.

  9. I really love your videos and display tips! They always teach me something new. I was wondering if you were planning to make similar videos regarding non-Nintendo game systems?

  10. Awesome stuff. We love N64 game labels!!!!! Like the idea of square edge boxes for the carts!

    Thanks disk cart for bringing the folks the goods!

  11. hmmm.. you didn't give me much to work with here. Using protection and always having a flat side to work with… nope I got nothing.

  12. Nintendo 64 games have always posed a challenge when trying to display them, some of this headache could have been mitigated if Nintendo had just included end labels. My main issue with the labels that are printed off are how they go over the front and back of the cart instead of just the front part like NES and SNES carts. You have to remove part of the sticker to open the carts and the stickers don't look too great over the seam either in my opinion, but that may just be me.

    Great video though, there are some great options here!

  13. I've been contemplating the idea of the labels but do they leave residue on the cartridge when removed?

  14. I mostly keep mine in a drawer. I like the really small plastic protectors you showed off there , that’s something I need to check out. I used to have a template for printing off my own custom labels , I have no clue what happened to it. There is a lot of good info here and this is a well crafted video , keep up the great work . πŸ˜€

  15. I have about 200 new large vhs cases, Im going to print out the original box art for the games. But first I need to get photoshop and new printer that prints in good quality. Ill use these cases for nes, famicom, snes, super famicom, n64, sega master system and sega mega drive/genesis cartridges. Normal vhs cases work aswell but nes cartridges are larger so the cases for them have to be bigger. Also one big bonus with larger cases is that when I cut couple of plastic part that would hold the vhs tape then I can insert those original snes and n64 cardboard inserts that hold the cartridge in place. Im sure most of the other carts with in those aswell. Universal game cases are alright option but they are on the bit more expensive side.

    Meanwhile before I get all that done Im probably going to use those cartridge protectors and maybe order some of those labels with them.

  16. Awesome tips as always!! I wouldn't dare using those stickers but the crystal clear boxes are genius!!! Collect What you Love!!! L&R

  17. Just found your channel the other day. I cant believe you only have 400 subs from i have seen you should be near the 2000 range. Love the videos


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