We’ve seen the NES Classic, the SNES Classic, but you know what’s next in the line? The Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.


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  1. Definitley the game I most want to see on the N64 Classic is the original Super Smash Bros and how couldn't they. Smash Bros has been a phenomenon, most likely because it features almost everyone in the Nintendo universe, so I would be overjoyed to see it on the N64 Classic.

  2. I think Mischief Makers, Ridge Racer 64, Ogre Battle 64, Bomberman 64, and even Sin and Punshment in the lineup, it's my ideas to include it.

  3. The more we get these the less it feels like virtual console for Switch is a thing. Especially with the sell success this mini trend is.

  4. they should make a final ds the 2dsadvance a 2ds with gb/gbc/gba support with wireless gb/gbc/gba games and savestate support kind of the last thing nintendo could do with the ds hell this could make a lot and games leftover from years ago could be re-sold and even have new classic hit the stores it would be the final and ultimate 2ds for young and older players alike (i know some games have a save battery(that died years ago) but by now there should be an available permanent replacement)

  5. I know according to my boss, Nintendo is putting more NES and SNES classics into production very, very soon. So it makes sense they’d be making a new console soon after!

  6. They better make N64 Classic:

    Star Fox 64
    Pokemon Stadium
    Pokemon Stadium 2
    Super Smash Bros
    Ocarina Of Time
    Mario Kart 64
    Donkey Kong 64
    Super Mario 64
    Majora's Mask
    Pokemon Snap
    Kirby 64
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Mario Party 2
    Conkers Bad Fur Day

    Nintendo would be dumb not to make this !!!!

  7. Youtube ProTip: Turn up your MIC. Secondly….haha a Gameboy classic is more likely however it would be so pointless for them to do. Amazon and Ebay have those internationa Gameboy remakes with backlit screens, LiIon batteries, and loads of different styles so no one is going to really cash in on the Gameboy classic…wont be Nintendo. Also N64 Classic will fail if they do not put Goldeneye, Banjo, PD or any of the Rare titles. I wont be buying one because why??? Ever heard of the EVERDRIVE??? Contains all 422 N64 games…thats International releases, Beta and Alpha builds of games, some updates to classics like GoldeneyeX and PerfectDark 2.0 AND all with the options to remove Anti-Aliasing thus improving resolution. The N64 classic is a joke. Use your heads people…

  8. Same here dude!! I agree on every word!! Give us the n64 games a classic edition you name it, but I want to play it on a Nintendo device and not the wii or Wii U, yeah I’m talking bout switch!! Or the classic mini edition ok. But I heard that there are problems with rare and goldeneye and some other games copyrights.. dude I don’t know much about but ok even without these games the n64 era screams happiness ☀️

  9. I was under the impression that Super Mario 64 2 was completed but never released so if they were to add that in as an unreleased game this thing will sell out in seconds. They could even add in a playable Luigi for Super Mario 64 which would be great

  10. I've got the first 2 consoles. I plan on getting one of these as well unless goldeneye isn't on it then I might have to pass.

  11. If they do end up releasing a N64 Classic, I would like to see Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2 as a special never before released in the US type of special deal.

  12. The controller is the only thing worrying me. They could make it more compact by removing unnessecary features, since you no longer need a rumble pack, but nostalgic n64 gamers would feel unconfortable. I mean sure, you could tell them to buy a real one, but what is the point of releasing it as a classic when it feels completely different.

    I think it would be more interesting to have a Game Boy Classic first and allow cross plattform play between SNES and N64 classic. I mean wouldn't you like to play Pokemon Stadium with your own Pokemon from your GB Classic on the N64 classic mini? Well, they could use the 3DS for that too tho so maybe I am scatching it.

    Games I think would make sense probably are:
    – Mario 64
    – Both Zelda Games
    – Kirby 64
    – Smash Bros
    – Pokemon Snap
    – Pokemon Stadium games
    – Banjo Kazui (I know I missspelled it) if they are allowed alongside the sequel, but they need to make the big secret more accessable since you can't swap cardridges
    – Mario Kart 64
    – F-Zero 64
    – Starfox 64
    – Pilot Wings 64
    – Golden Eye



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