Nintendo 64 (N64) Talk About Games


Mike and Ryan casually discuss their thoughts and memories of the Nintendo 64 (N64).

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  1. this is probably gunna be the next "nostalgic" console people collect for … pretty terrible console then and today , i mean great games , but not as revolutionary as previous nintendo consoles … the ps1 definitely won the fifth console generation , by a large margin.

  2. they didnt talk about perfect dark ? …. that was huge . for most ppl i knew they liked it way better then goldeneye ..
    and yeah Turok was really really good

  3. Wait… Yoshi's story is awesome, what are you talking about? It was really fun platformer action and had a lot of replay value, also, it's one of the few N64 that still holds up graphically because it was not polygon based

  4. the game I love and my parents were oblivious about is conkers bad fur day as a kid I never got the references till later days but the game itself is brilliant and idk why I found all the gore being funny but it was overall really fun and awesome! love conker bad fur day

  5. Gauntlet Legends, my friend’s & I liked playing that one! Valkiery has gained a level! Lol ?. My friend wud hog the money man! Was about to say ya’ll hadn’t mentioned it yet then BAM!

  6. Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, Blast Corps, 1080 Snowboarding, the Beetle racing game, Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, DK64, Robot on Wheels, console-exclusive ports such as Cruis'n USA/World.

  7. If I'm a fanboy of anything, I'm a fanboy of the N64.
    I got one for Christmas 1998 and I grew up with it.

    Some of my favourite games of all time are on the N64.

  8. Mike doesn't actually like South Park rally but I love it, I own it, beaten it 50 times on the emulator…, it has terrible graphics, but if you ignore that, it's a lot of fun, it's like mario kart but not just battle racing, it has a lot of variety of racing challenges.

  9. 100 million PlayStation sales vs 30 million N64. 1300+ games vs 256 games. Sony DOMINATED Nintendo. Obviously no one cared about power. For the same reason that the Wii sold over 100 million console vs PS3 84 million and Xbox 360's 84 million. Power doesn't mean anything. I'm pretty sure that with enough support, The Switch will eventually catch the PS4 in sales as well.

  10. Blast Corps was an unbelievably great physics based destruction game with a poorly chosen name. It would be awesome if you guys played that sometime

  11. Thank you Mike for addressing why every Mario Party sucks after number seven. Everybody together in the same vehicle is just catering to how kids don't want to directly compete with each other on those games. There's literally no competition in the new ones. My four-year-old nephew can play as well as me or my 11 year old son almost in the new ones where as in number 6 it's not even close

  12. Playing nintendo meaning video games is the same as people who go to a local MMA show and aren't real MMA fans and say they are going to go see UFC. UFC is MMA to most people.

  13. Should have went a little more in depth on wave race. That game did water physics better then anything else even today it feel great.

  14. Ogre Battle 64. Another all-time SRPG classic.

    And yeah, Perfect Dark is faaaaar superior to Goldeneye. That game alone kept the system under me and my friends televisions until 2004 or something.


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