Saturday, April 21, 2018

UNBOXING | Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 - Unboxing ►Spiele günstig kaufen auf MMOGA: ►Danny auf Facebook: ►Mein Livestream auf Twitch:

$400 N64 with HDMI?! Is it WORTH IT?!

Play your Nintendo 64 with bit-perfect video and audio on a modern HDTV with the UltraHDMI kit, which captures video as digital RGB, optionally adding processing like scanlines and crop/fill, producing up to 1080p...

SUPER MARIO 64 | Nintendo 64 (React: Retro Gaming)

Super Mario 64 played by Reactors! Check out FBE2 for more vlogs, podcasts & behind the scenes! Subscribe: SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE 🔔! New Videos 12pm PT on REACT! Watch all episodes of REACT...

The BEST N64 Controller EVER? Next Gen Nintendo 64 Controller! | RGT 85

Tired of the N64 controllers with a 3 prong design and loose joysticks? RetroFighters Next Gen N64 Controller Kickstarter was a huge success, and they sent me a sample of the Nintendo 64 controller...

Excitebike 64 – Nintendo 64 Review – Ultra HDMI – HD

My Facebook Page - Excitebike 64 review on the nintendo 64. Recorded using an Ultra HDMI modded N64 console with an Elgato game capture HD capture card using a real game cartridge. Does this...


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Invisible Penguins Crash Paper Mario

It's been theorized for some time that NPCs could be used to help less important objects function properly, and that principle has finally been proven. Best of all, it helped explain a game crash...

Super Mario 64 retrospective: Mario gets thicc | N64 Works Episode 001, Pt. 1

With Super Mario Odyssey just around the corner, now seems a perfect time to look back to Mario's first 3D adventure: Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. This, the first part of a multiple-entry...

The Top 5 Games on the Nintendo 64 | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 35...

We have a heated debate this week over the 5 best games on the Nintendo 64. Will Ocarina of Time get booted? Do any of Rare LTD's classics make the final 5? Support us on...

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