Nintendo GameCube BIOS but it’s on VHS and it suffers from generation loss


(EARRAPE & SEIZURE WARNING: This video may contain flashing images and loud noises, so watch this video at your own risk.)

It’s been a while since the last VHS generation loss video, so why not do another one, but this time involving an old favorite of many: the Nintendo GameCube BIOS.

Since memes involving the Nintendo GameCube BIOS have started becoming popular as of now, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and make my own interpretation of the startup we’ve come to know and love. Hope y’all enjoy this one, folks.

[pls Nintendo don’t take this down I don’t even have enough money to buy a Switch yet]

Devices/Software Used:
-Original Nintendo GameCube console (streaming the BIOS)
-Sony SLV-D300P DVD/VCR Combo (recording & playback)
-Sony SLV-N71 VCR (recording & playback)
-AmaRecTV (capturing)
-VirtualDub (deinterlacing, resizing the video, increasing the volume)
-Handbrake (decreasing the file size)
-Vegas Pro 15 (editing the VHS generations together)

Tapes Used:
-Fujifilm HQ T-120 (odd-numbered generations)
-Maxell Standard Grade T-120 (even-numbered generations)

Outro song: Takeuchi Mariya – “Plastic Love” (Night Tempo 100% Pure Remastered) ~
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  1. Yes my dudes, I knew gamecube was coming back as a meme! I hope this video does well, I think you're one banger video away from blowing up, honestly

  2. Hey there. I am a fan of your generation loss videos. What brought me here was your Steamed Hams generation loss video, and boy do I love it! I was wondering if you could tell me the process of making these videos and how much it would cost to get the supplies. If you can't reply right now, I understand. Thanks, TailsFan04.

  3. Do you know if the brand of a VHS tape can make a difference in the results of a generation loss?

    In this video, for example

    youtu . be /DTrT68z9k0Y

    Even in the 19th generation, the picture and sound are not totally degraded

  4. I thought this was really quite cool, but the repetitious nature of the experiment meant that, compared to previous videos you've done like this, it became a bit stale by the end of it! I think that a better way to approach it (albeit it would've been a LOT more work) would've been to, for example, put at the very start of the video a supercut of the entire generation loss spliced together over the course of the BIOS screen startup, and then the rest of the video was the individual pieces!

    Still though, I know how much work these videos are to make, and I look forward to seeing more!

  5. In case my VHS had generation selection, I would select Generation 3 or 5, but if it was Luigi's Mansion, I would have it on Generation 8 or 10 to give it a more spooky theme.

  6. Adventure Time
    From the 1996–2004 VHS release of Cartoon Network.
    1st-4th Generation VHS

    453K subscribers

  7. 1st – 20nd Generation Loss VHS & DVD

    Adventure Time
    From the 1996–2004 VHS release of Cartoon Network.
    1st-4th Generation VHS

    Dave Narendoff
    7.7K subscribers

  8. Takes me back to when I used to record me playing games on my ps2

    Sry I was not a gamecube kid


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