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With rumblings that we might see GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of the Nintendo GameCube. This console followed the Nintendo 64 (N64), was succeeded by the Nintendo Wii, and had many games that boasted comparability with the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Another version of the GameCube was released under the name Panasonic Q, though this was short lived. The console was the home to many Nintendo franchises, including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Mario kart, Mario Party, Metroid, and was the birth place of Pikmin and Animal Crossing in the west. Through our analysis of the GameCube, the console’s games and their beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of the GameCube and have its history explained.

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A Dolphin’s Tale: The Story of GameCube

Stage Debut [GC – Proto / Unreleased]


  1. lol…what were they expecting? 60billion or 100 billion in offer?

    Metroid Prime, the only best looking polished game on Gamecube:/

  2. The GC controller is a perfect example of function over form. It foregoes basically any pleasing aesthetic for pure game play usability, and does it really well.

  3. Should have mentioned that the Gamecube had the first commercially available drive that could front load small discs. Nothing else on the market could do so at that time and I believe it was custom drive designed by Panasonic.

  4. Can you do a sonic unleashed dykg? Also savannah citadel's song is actually a remix of the game gear sonic 1's credits

  5. Ahhh, the Gamecube was one of my most favorite consoles of all time. So many memories. And about the last time graphics could look "good" without sacrificing readability in your environments.

  6. The next time someone tells you that Nintendo will go bankrupt over Microsoft and Sony, tell them about the 25 billion dollar offer that Nintendo thought was a joke. ?

  7. SNES has my nostalgia, but fuck me, GameCube has a lot of good games. Favorite Nintendo home console by a large margin.

    Coincidentally, both systems feature a lot of purple. =X

  8. also did Nintendo not remember what happened last time they signed with a DVD company….

    Link Phillips CD and Mario Hotel

  9. starcube wouldve been a much nicer name in my opinion. It sounds like an item from a nintendo game came to life. Gamecube sounds quite boring. But then again they are just names and it doesnt change my feelings toward the console

  10. Thank god Microsoft didn't get Nintendo. Like really? Yeah, we would like to buy YOUR ENTIRE GIGANTIC COMPANY. That's just disgusting.

  11. I'm SO glad Nintendo turned down Microsoft's offer to buy them out. With Microsoft's track record, most companies they bought turned into trash (Rareware: shitty, uninspired games utilizing that "Kinect Krap"; Skype: lags so damn much, and the Share Screen/Video option is gone; etc.). So yeah, good on Nintendo for refusing them. 🙂

  12. You know, they might have been onto something with the GameCube button design… Especially when it came to quick time events. When I played Resident Evil 4, I had no problem reading the button on the screen and immediately hitting the correct button. When it came to doing similar things on the Wii U (Assassin's Creed 3 in particular), I would constantly get confused and hit the wrong button, since all the face buttons were the same shape and color. This was when I realized that whenever I read button prompts, the first things I read are the colors and shape, and it took me around 2-3 more seconds to process Wii U prompts over Gamecube prompts… I think it might have also been extra confusing to me, since I played a lot of Xbox and Xbox 360, and the buttons for X, Y, A, and B were reverse to be in English left to right order on the controllers. PlayStation buttons are also easy for me to read, since I read the colors first, and if necessary, the unique shapes. I can read those quickly, too.

    Which makes me wonder why Nintendo ditched color coding their buttons on the 3DS and Switch? Now I'm curious, does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?

  13. Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 for the GC is such a cherished game for me and my friends. It's one of those games that we still continue to play now and then when we see each other.


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