Normal Duel Remix (Pokemon TCG)


^^^Download here^^^

So, in my spare time when I’m not doing school or 40k stuff, I like to make songs! And one of them happens to be this one!

It’s a remix of my favorite song from the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy. If you remember it…You’re awesome and I hope you like this! If you don’t remember it, you’re still awesome and I hope you like it anyways! 😀 Enjoy!



[Not so] Normal Duel (Remix) – Dj f0x


  1. Dude, this is the most amazing of all remixes i have heard!! Finally someone who knows how to make the old sounds better! im going to make sure i can get this all the views i can! thanks A Bunch!

  2. Oh man… I remember a long time ago when I had this game as a kid. I was in 3rd grade I believe and I had pokemon ruby version. I left it in my locker one day and someone stole it and replaced it with Pokemon TCG for the gbc. I was depressed for losing ruby version but then I played this game and it turned out to be really really fun for me. I would play it non-stop for days. Anyways, on a more related topic, I love this remix!

  3. This is amazing! I do a series of Pokemon TCG battles on my channel. Would you mind if I used this music in them? I would of course credit you and link to your soundcloud (or Youtube channel if you prefer)


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