Odroid Xu4 200GB RetroPie Image Overview – Better than the Pi 3?


Taking a look at a 200gb Odroid Xu4 RetroPie build! For Educational purposes only!

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  1. Awesome build. Question tho. When playing Dreamcast games theres a text cursor blinking in one of the corners. If you use a encoder for arcade inputs it shows every button you press. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

  2. Anyone having issues with using favorites? I enabled favorites and it saved 1 game successfully and when I try to add others it gives a unable to save error as Emulation station restarts. Any ideas?

  3. Might help if you mentioned the base OS/Image you started with I reckon. Kinda not a solid there…….that said I love that you create man….always respected your work.

  4. This question might sound silly to some but I’m relatively new to this. I suppose I can install this image onto a 256gb don’t I ? Hence it doesn’t have to be of the same capacity?

  5. i have now a sandisk micro sd from 128 gb i think im going to buy a 400 gb sandisk it cost like 236 euro not that expensive i can afford it

  6. curious if any headway has been made on this project? I think a 256GB similar to the virtualman image would be amazing and a good reason for people to pick up the odroid finally. There just isnt a strong difinitive image yet to come out unless someone has seen something that I missed.

  7. I just ordered an odroid xu4. Will be downloading the image ASAP. Will give ya some feedback as soon as I get my hands on it bro.

  8. I’m having controller issues right at the moment. Shows up as keyboard notations in Dreamcast games. Not sure what I need to do yet. Shows 5 controllers detected but I only have one. I will probably do a rivaled vid for ya tomorrow.

  9. I’m a woodworker getting ready to build my first arcade cabinet as a gift for my father in law… now I’m thinking I’ll have to build one for myself haha. This is an inspiration sir!!

  10. having problems. re flashed the image twice to SD card. First, when you power it on it's a blank black screen for 1-2 minutes. Then, when you go to configure controllers, i get error messages flashing all over the screen and it basically says something along the lines of "system is read only." Then, when you try to launch a game, no controller works and when returning to the menu the controller is forgotten and unconfigured.

    Also, when I tried to launch NES games, it would basically go black screen, never load and then go back to the menu. I watched this video and a few others and they go right in, start configuring controls and it just works. I'm using the included GameSir controller that came with the N64 shaped Odroid case. Also tried using Xbox 360. No luck. Any help? I can post screenshots later tonight.

  11. Any chance anyone used the OGST kit Ameridroid sells with LCD screen? It would be nice to get LCD working in RetroPie.

  12. Im running the Xu4 with OGST. The controller that works so far is the Gamesir G3w. Had this since January and glad I waited for something better to come out for it. I like OGST mainly because of the LCD screen. I don't know how to get access to PC games & adding scripts or changing themes. I'm running emulation station as is. Any advice on setting up pc games? Do I need to unzip the bios files in each specific console folder? I have many small questions like this that can't be answered from the odroid website. I checked the forum but its all the same stuff nothing specially what I'm asking.


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