Old Nintendo Game Boys are still fun – Inexpensive to buy too!


Another Atco’s Collections Video – I bought some Nintendo games last yard sale season. Have been having a lot of fun with ’em. Here’s what I found… — Atco


  1. The version of the Star Wars game is "Lego" Star Wars, which means that it should have quite a bit of puzzles to solve in there. If you like that sort of thing, it should be pretty fun.

  2. Donkey Kong Country is classic. Play that one next. In my experience, most of the games based on movies are junk, with a few exceptions.

  3. I had a toy computer from either the late 60s or early 70s that I have been searching for on the internet. I have forgotten what it was called. It had 8 or 10 slides and the same number of lights at the back, with plastic cover. Then you had to stick wires into holes along the slides in order to program it. Do you know anything about this? Apparently, it is very rare. Thank you.


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