Old Sega Genesis Commercial


Sega genesis is the SHHHHHHH…..


  1. The SNES, on the other hand, did eventually have better graphics, and could do "Mode 7" without needing a CD add-on, and the games exclusive to this console were generally larger. Even thought the Genesis had Virtua Racer, which had better framerate and polygon count capability than Nintendo's Super FX chip, the SNES had more 3D games, as well as 2D games that occasionally used the Super FX for 3D or for better 2D effects.

  2. The Sega Genesis did have the CD and 32X add-ons, but the CD suffered from shovelware overload, and the 32X had few games, even if it did look pretty cool. The Super Nintendo never did get these enhancements, but that also means there was less shovelware, too. You know, I think it would make more sense to pit the Genesis against the NEC TurboGraphix, or the SNES against the Neo Geo.

  3. SNES vs. Genesis isn't really a war of who's better, but what's better, and, as much of a fan I am of Earthworm Jim Special Edition, of Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3&K, as much as I loved Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force I and II, despite the fact that I still can remember every note of music from Gunstar Heroes and Toejam and Earl 1 and 2, 10 years after I last played any of them (I was raised on secondhand consoles), I sincerely prefer the SNES. Yes, I'm a VG Nerd. Sue me, bitch.

  4. PC doesn't have better graphics and the reason they have more games is because anybody can make them even a f'cking 2 year old, PC is a joke. You also said you can play console games which leads me to believe you are just mad cause your parents won't buy you a Sega Saturn. If you don't believe me look at gamerankings scores for the PS2 and Gamecube.

  5. Once again you prove how stupid you are. do you even realize how fucking slow 20 fps is? I make flash video games and most of my games run at 30+fps(you can look them up on newgrounds if you don't believe me). So to say that Xbox games only run at 20 fps is just retarded and mean really retarded. I don't know why i'm arguing with you it's like trying to tell a kid that chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla. If you don't like newer consoles that's your problem not mine. Now fuck off.

  6. And on the first day, god created the SEGA genesis so he'd be able to play sonic while that whole world creation stuff was happening.

  7. Meanwhile, the SNES version of Stargate shits all over the Genesis version's. Still, there were a lot of Genesis versions that were better. Most notably, Thunder Force III. ("Thunder Spirits" was the poor man's version of TF III, on SNES)

  8. There seem to be a lot of 1990s video game commercials which either blatantly or implicitly insult their consumers. Other examples I can think of are the Jaguar commercials (DO THE MATH) and that one Game.com commercial which said "It plays more games than you idiots have brain cells!" Was this a general trend in advertising in the 90's?

  9. there was a fly sucking on his blood there at the end of the commercial. you could die if a fly sucked on your blood because my dad explained it to me before.

  10. It didn't have bad sound, it just had a different sound chip. For some games, the Genesis chip suits it better, but for others, the SNES version sounds better.

  11. Mmm… Don't really know how Sega's sales will go through the roof talking about a mosquito comin' over and feeding you info.

  12. Which is fine, really, because for those $10 extra you actually get better graphics and much better sound. ­čśÇ

  13. The SNES came out two years later than the genesis. By that time the SNES should have had a little more to brag about than slightly better picture and sound. I feel the genesis would have dominated if the 2 console' release dates were switched.

  14. I'm not saying the SNES success was based solely on time frames. It would just be nice to see what would have happed if they released at the same time. Nintendo titles have always been beast not to mention mega man x series. I play a genesis every day but would still like a SNES for certain games.

  15. and snes is what genesisn't, i didn't really like sega back in the day because the were trash talking, and nintendo… never did this…. i don't remember when they trash talked about other companies

  16. +xGreenHawk97x
    , please clarify why it was better. the hardware was crap. the games were lackluster and the add ons were unnecessary for the time. seriously, the 32x could not, i repeat, could not do doom well. even the super FX chip barely boosted the super nintendo's graphics. don't get me wrong, i loved both systems but isn't your comment insignificant in the face of stiff opposition?  

    the 32x:

    pros: * graphics on par with the super FX
    * improved sound (doom could have sounded like heaven if the damn programmers had utilized the enhanced sound capabilities)

    cons: * the ac adapter was just not good. have you ever used one? they suck. the big ass bricks, not the smaller ones.

    * it looked like a life support system when attached to the genesis. too many god forsaken wires. fire hazard alert sega.

    * many games did not take advantage of the improvements afforded by the 32x. like the AVGN said, it was a flop. (though to it's credit. it did a damn good job of copying star wars arcade. )

    now why was the genesis better?

  17. I would hope the SNES was better in most aspects.  The console came out over 2 years after the Genesis.  It was the Genesis's zippy CPU that still made it the target console for "faster" games like schmups.

  18. Yeah and I find this really puzzling that this even happened! (not to mention that sometimes the difference was beyond $10…) I mean, there was just no reason for SNES games to be more expensive (except chipped games such as Star Fox) especially since most multiplats are better on Mega Drive! (Earthworm Jim, Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter 2, the whole Strike serie (Desert, Jungle and Urban), Mickey Mania, The Lost Vikings, Raiden, NBA Jam and NBA Jam TE, most John Madden games, most NHL Hockey games, most FIFA games… so SNES owners paid more for less results :S

    Lucky enough I had both systems back then but I kinda pity those who were scammed by this ­čÖü


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