Perfect dark- Expansion pack comparison


I promised this comparison to a user. You can’t play the single player without the expansion pack so compared the multiplayer with some bots. I’m not sure if there is a difference in the look or if the expansion pack just allows you to play the single player mode.


  1. @nooblet911:

    On top of that, you went to different areas. How was it not obvious that you should at least sure you spawn in the same are and use the same path? We are seeing different textures, etc.

  2. Has the expansion pack provides better gameplay and better frame rates when ever the hi-res is turned off and you head straight into multiplayer. But I plan on RGB modding my n64 system so that everything will look way better 🙂

  3. they should make an n64 2…or just remake every amazing n64 game…with wayyyyy better graphics, and additional levels and shit

  4. As I can remember, the framerate is slightly unstable comparing with the game on Expansion Pak.

    Also, the anti-aliasing is more present with the expansion pak. Just notice the ground textures on the map without EP . The video compression kind of mask these things, so it would be more noticeable on real hardware.

  5. this game not only has worse graphics, your limited to what you can actually do in the game without an expansion pack. serious rip off marketing tool made by Nintendo, the game developers could have easily just compensated by its low memory and made the graphics less instead of completely butcher this game if you dont have an expansion pack

  6. I prefer to play this and most other expansion pak compatible games with the high res turned off, because unfortunately the frame rate suffers most of the time when high res is turned on. Its especially bad in this game.

  7. One difference is the wall it looks like the black pixels in the wall look more misaligned when making a curve I think.

  8. I bought the EP for Donkey Kong 64 back in '01, Later when I got Majora's Mask, I didn't know it also required the EP so when I lent it to a friend he was like WTF and I was like OH!!

  9. With the memory expansion, you could enable high res graphics, which for me, lowered the frame rate. Without the expansion, you could only do 2 player multilayer.

  10. it put the game into 480p (640×480) or 800×600 idk what this game runs at and im pretty sure the n64 cant go over but 800×600 but who knows i heard it can do 1024 700 but who knows really?

  11. lot of games used the extra memory to have greater graphic textures ,Rare often in their games would create a hack/glitch to have higher texture details by overlapping 2 sets ontop of eachother ,rather than most n64 games had that blurry texture bland cartoon look to them ,and more textures , especially on top of eachother is more strain on the processor

  12. To everyone saying that the game could have worked without expansion pack:
    NO it couldn't because the engine ran in 640×480 with dynamic lighting & streamed mp3 audio + a bunch of other stuff.

  13. How stupid….I was going to buy perfect dark, but since I read the expansion pak description online, now I just feel empty…..and perfect dark zero is a cheap version of perfect dark xbox live arcade version. I don't even know if the jumper pak will do the trick…..

  14. +yoyoyoshio267 It put the game into 480i, not 480p. The N64 was incapable of outputting 480p. No cables that could carry the signal for one thing, nevermind how few TV's would be able to display that signal in the 90's.
    It was 240p and 480i. Or in the case of the PAL console, 288p and 576i, but at 50hz instead of 60.

  15. @royrogers332 No no no! The expansion pack is NOT a video card! All the visuals you see are indeed rendered by the console itself. Here's how it works. N64 carts could hold lots of data, including some high resolution textures if they wanted. These high res texture files were too big to fit on the base memory of the system, thus they required the expansion pack. Going from 4MB of RAM to 8MB, the large files could then be loaded onto the system and play. In short, it's just memory…

    DK64 used some heavy rendering, polygons, sprites, level data (huge worlds) tons of objects etc… it's impossible to get the game to run on the base memory because it would have overflown and crashed. Out of Memory. The expansion simply gave more space to the system so these huge games could put their files somewhere.

    If you were somehow able to get DK64 to load on the n64 without the expansion pack, it would look exactly the same, except that you would definitely crash the console.

    The reason some games did look different when using the expansion pack is because it was optional. The devs included both low resolution textures and high resolution textures in the game cart. If no expansion, it used the low res files, but if the expansion was present, it loaded the high res textures.

    SOME games didn't even care about the visual, they just used the memory to store more level and object data, not really caring to make the game "LOOK" better with high res textures. At best, they're just minor lighting tweaks… Perfect Dark is one of them, as you can see in the comparison there is very little difference, however the game DOES have a requirement for single player.

    If you use the n64 emulator Project64, you can get a plugin called Rice video. This plugin can load HD textures, regardless of the 8mb RAM limit of the n64 as it uses your PC's RAM instead. Just google up "high res texture pack <game name>" for any n64 game, if you're lucky, someone will have made the custom textures for it.

  16. Oh my god, I traded my friend this game for Super Mario 64 in the fourth grade because it was ugly and didn't seem like an entire game. I had no idea that an expansion pack would have made it this much better.


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