Play a Sega Dreamcast Game using the VMU – Silent Scope Review for Sega Dreamcast


It’s technically possible to play ONE Sega Dreamcast game by only looking at your controller and using the VMU’s second screen. Silent Scope, developed by Konami, is an arcade title, putting you in the shoes of a sniper taking out terrorists.

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The VMU functionality here is an incredible testamene to the hardware Sega developed for the Dreamcast and what developers could do with such a small device. Acting a second screen, games like Sonic Shuffle, D2 and Resident Evil really used that second screen to enhance the gameplay. Silent Scope takes it to the extreme, providing the gamer with a Sniper Scope.

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  1. I just love seeing old school tech versions of modern tech we're used to now, second screen gaming in the 90's is crazy to think about

  2. Lately, your videos have been more informative than any other Youtuber. Most "explain" the "over explained" (…the impact of Super Mario Bros…ok, we GET IT!). Here, I learned something about a hobby that I've been involved with for over 40 years. How about some videos on more obscure uses for peripherals, like the the DC Fishing Controller used with Virtua Tennis (I keep reading that this can be done, but have yet to see footage of anyone actually doing it). Or strange uses for Guitar Hero accessories (playing Space Invaders with the drums, or guitar). Nice vid overall.

  3. Great video! I've come to really enjoy the content on your channel. Also, I love the Starscream Skystriker you have on your desk. Freaking rad.


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