Play N64 Games In HD On PC 720p 1080p 4K RetroArch


In this video, I show you how to upscale your favorite N64 games using RetroRch: Play Nintendo 64 games in HD!

Retroarch SetUp:
Project 64 Set Up:

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  1. When im watching Videos on YouTube with my RPi3 (even with the B+ version, testing it right now) everything is fine … except of the videos of your channel lol … so much stuttering Oo … anyone knows why this happens? im using the latest version of raspbian and everything is up to date :/

    but there were no problem a few weeks ago, maybe the new version of chromium in raspbian sucks? i dont know πŸ™

    Edit: only in fullscreen mode … but really, only etas videos… thats a bit weird

  2. I look forward to installing this at some point, but to be fair, the jagged edges wouldn't have been as noticeable on a crt because the games were designed around the scan lines.

  3. Can you teach me how to setting to Xbox one controller?
    I don’t know n64 buttons (My system is nvidia shield
    Thank you very much

  4. Astounding difference, it's not called upscaling though since you're increasing the internal resolution πŸ˜‰

  5. Thanks for great guide!

    Looks even better with only 1080 resolution

    When i run N64 i seems to have some struggling with noise buffering but not on other cores on RA?

  6. I love how good the N64 titles can look via emulation, but there are quite a few games that are broken on most emulators right now. Body Harvest, anyone?

  7. I got frustrated with RetroArch a while back and quit using it because it didn't seem to like importing my rom library. No matter how many times I tried importing the files from a common directory, it wouldn't grab them all – even though the roms were all the same file type. Does anyone know if that has been fixed?

  8. Hi ETA. Loving all your tutorials. I've followed them on the SNES mini, pie 3b+ and now pc. I am awaiting a Maybush PC usb N64 adapter so I can use the original N64 controllers. Could you do a tutorial for setting up a N64 controller within retroarch I think it would prove helpful for many of your followers! Many thanks, keep up the great work

  9. Thanks a lot, ETA. You (and some other YouTubers) got me back into gaming – and I just ordered the parts for a new PC, a Ryzen 5 2400G (living on some budget here).

  10. BTW if the counter says 60 it only means that it runs as fast/smooth as it does on the original hardware. Most games have a locked fps of 30 or 20. I believe there is a patch that lets you play Goldeneye at actual 60fps, but it has some issues. You basically need to virtually overclock the system, which causes timing issues.

  11. Great video as usual. I agree that optimized upscaling breaths new life into some of these older titles and really makes them shine. PSP games like Daxter, 3rd Birthday, and Star Wars: Force Unleashed are also great canidates for upscaling and will easily match PS2 if not PS3 graphics quality and look absolutly amazing if you get the settings optimized under PPSSPP. The cool thing about Mupin64 and PPSSPP is that you can get pretty good results even with fairly weak graphics hardware like intel's HD 530 Graphics on something like a I3-6100.

  12. i have the newest version of retroarch and i don't have any of those options setting when i go to the games

  13. How is this even possible. This really is mind blowing. You wouldn't think that the textures from these older games were either that clear to begin with, or could be cleaned up as much as they did. Like the red and white barriers in 007, or the VW logo on the beetle.

  14. can you help me, which program did you use to record your screen and retroarch? i want to record a gameplay, but everything crashes

  15. There is a modified version of the 1964 emulator that allows you to play GoldenEye and Perfect Dark at near perfect emulation, at 60 FPS, your preferred resolution and with mouse and keyboard if you so desire.
    It looks way sharper.
    You can watch an example of it in action here on YT.

  16. I remember on Goldeneye shooting everything in sight on the frigate mission, causing a mass explosion and bringing the game down to about 1 fps. I miss those days.

  17. can you please kindly tell me a way to add Project64 on retroarch or is there any site where i can get the Core for P64 ?


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