Play Real GameBoy Cartridges On Your Phone!


Super Cool Nostalgia Adapter For Your Phone! Play Real GameBoy & GameBoy Color Cartridges With Hyperkin SmartBoy.

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  1. Absoloutely useless in my opinion. Why buy this when you can invest the 30 bucks in an original gameboy? Or even better: A Gameboy Advance. I got one myself and It's a lot better then any emulators I used. Only with the whole handheld you have this old feeling. That's totally gone when you play these games on your smartphone I think. But well… If you like it… Because there is one good thing. The Screen is lightened. The GB/GBC/GBA Screens aren't. But the gameboy advance SP even solves this problem.

  2. There are a couple of problems with this thing though… It does not save your games to the cartridge. It saves to a save state. So you can dump the save from a game you played on an original GB but not vice versa. Also… Phones go obsolete in 2-3 years than another usb or other standard comes along. I just hope this thing doesn't go obsolete as soon as your phone does because then you would rather invest in a GBA SP than keep buying these contraptions.


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