Playstation 1 – Fighting Games


ePSXe v1.7.0 – PSX Emulator
captured with: CamStudio v2.0
MP3: Vaylette Aky™ – Heroina La Funk

some good old psx fighting games:
– Battle Arena Toshinden
– Battle Arena Toshinden 2
– Battle Arena Toshinden 3
– Battle Arena Toshinden 4
– B.I.O. Freaks
– Bloody Roar
– Bloody Roar 2
– Cardinal Syn
– Dead or Alive
– Destrega
– Ehrgeiz
– Evil Zone
– Heaven’s Gate
– Kensei: Sacred Fist
– Killing Zone
– Psychic Force
– Psychic Force 2
– Soul Edge
– Star Gladiator
– Street Fighter alpha
– Thrill-Kill
– Tobal
– Tobal 2
– VS


  1. I'm not sure if it is a Playstation game but, does anyone know the name of a fighting game that was space themed? I only remember three characters; one was nearly naked vampire woman in high heel shoes, the second one looked like a scrony protoss like alien, the third one was another woman that had and left eye patch, and had a sword and shield. (Look up StarCraft if you don't know what a protoss looks like.)

  2. I used to play this PS1 game back in the day, It was a fighting game and I love it but can't remember the name of it. It had a reptile, and a rhino? And it was released in November somewhere. Can any one help me find it? Been searching for about 2 months or so XD

  3. this should be named "Playstation 1 3D Fighting Games"
    what the fuck man!?
    no marvel vs capcom?
    no marvel super heroes vs srteet fighter? (with the fucking cyber akuma)
    no capcom vs snk?

    for 3D games is a good list but for fast fighting games not.

  4. It's Destrega!! I've been trying to find out the name of the game for years and I finally found it. All I remembered of the game was the sword wave slashes that guy shot out and the map this video showed. This video is perfect because it shows both of the only things I remember about the game hahaha.

  5. omg what's the name of the fighting game where after she defeats the boss I think, she running in a field of flowers?! I was so young when I played it but I know for a fact I played it on the ps1 please someone respond?

  6. i am searching for a game and it has a wireframe guy in it and a indian girl i think and she does an attack in the air wher she is spinning horizonticaly (dont know how to spell it) but i dont remember a lot of it i hope someone knows it

  7. Fuck Tekken, dammit. The list should be to show the underground ones for real gamers, not for little stupid dudes who doesn't know shit about anything. Hurr durr popular titles, Mario, Zelda, Star Wars, Marvel and DC shit and… Wait a minute! I don't know anything else, because I'm too dumb to think for myself, derp derp.

  8. I don't remember the name what game did I played. But I know one of the character is a robot and I remember one of the move that does flying kick. I cannot remember anything now. Can anyone help me what the game name is?

  9. No Digimon Rumble Arena? 0/10 dude, that game was a huge part of my childhood. Also the game you cited as SF Alpha appeared to in fact be SF EX Plus Alpha, and what you put for Tekken 3 was just more footage from the second game.

  10. that first street fight IS NOT a Alpha. that's Street Fight EX. please change that. that was a great hand. if you gonna do it then do it right

  11. I'm searching a game
    I remember only a few things, in the game was a custome called "Allen" with white skin, black hair like a punk without shirt and a red jeans?
    anyone can help me?

  12. So the fighting game i'm looking for had a character that was in like red shogun armor and had this one move like Baraka from Mortal Kombat where he had blades just like Baraka and swung his arms up and down slicing and dicing enemies. The only other character I remember is a girl that reminded me of chun-li and she did an upside down helicopter kick. Someone please help me i've been searching for weeks. Oh and the game was 3d like Tekken if that helps any

  13. Can you guys help me too?

    PS1 3d fighter, medieval themed. You could acumulate certain arctifacts to increase your power in one of the game mods.

    I think there was a hint of the King Arthur and the Round Table tale to it. And it's not Mace: The Dark Age.

    Sorry I don't remember much else.

  14. The game I am searching for had a mode where you can walk freely in an arena and you could find weapons on the ground respawning regularly. One weapon released a big Lightning Ball that followed one character around the map and would end up detonating onto his head. You could dodge that by standing under a bridge that would be destroyed afterwards.

    My character would have a sword for melee and knives (i think) for ranged attacks. Another one had a gun for ranged attacks. A third character that I can remember is a really ugly fat woman who had poison attacks iirc.

    Does anybody know what it might be? I've been looking for years and never got a step closer to it :/

  15. I remember a game that was similar to tekken and also had a cheeta dude in it you can fight as. Any ideas what it was? Cuz it wasnt bloody roar for sure. It had a quite a bit of characters to pic from and the character choice had a moving sky background.

  16. EVIL ZONE, FATAL FURY, RIVAL SCHOOLS, KENSEI, TEKKEN 3, MVC etc. was my shit when i first bought my ps1 almost 2 decades ago!

  17. Theres an old arena fighter I cant remember the name of and its killing me, there was an alien guy like a big insect, a grey blue lady, one arena was in a cave and other on a circle arena surrounded by i think lava, I remember the blue grey lady being able to jump onto people.


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