Playstation 2 PS2 emulator android Test (+ download link)


Tested on HTC M8. Please thumbs up, people often dislike videos like this :/

Now on Google Play, newest version available here. The version on the video is an older one.
Or search for PTWOE


  1. Only a hoax
    is still better app Play! emulator
    Although not all but some games can already be played

  2. Keya hai yia bios sala play hi nahi hota hai Keya bat hai bata to Sahi kam Sia kam yia keya play karkia dekha deya

  3. Ini Bios nya nyari nya susah woy ,udah dawnload di web lain masih gak work,dawnload yang resmi juga gak work trus gimana?
    berti tahu donk!

  4. we dislike videos like this cause, 1. wheres the bios, 2. you dont show gameplay, 3. we know this is a fake cause there Has been a ps2 app that runs that Smooth. i mean come on dude! show more on how its done. and you put a 39 sec video and you ask y we dislike? fuck your a dumbass. LMAO ?

  5. Cmon, guys, he just doesn't know what he's doing, don't say stuff like that, he might go and kill himself, people online have lives and feelings too, I know this was an unecessary comment, but I just felt the nerve to speak up.

  6. Bhai App Bhi Install kar liya mene par Download Bios Aisa Likha huva aata he ,Maine Emuparadise Se SSX Ki File Download Ki He 515 MB Ki Par Game Run Nahi Kar Rahi He Ab Bata Kya karu???


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