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The Hori Pocket Analog Controller for the PS1 & PS2 is a cool minature controller that might be the best you’ve never used!
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Thanks to Retro-Bit for sending this system in for review!

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  1. Looks super uncoftorbale, same with the other N64 controler, the PS2/3 controlers work perfectly with their games, same with the N64 one (aslong as you know how to use it)

  2. i modded an original duelshock ps1 controller to where it has nubs too. I snipped all the rubber off the analog stick and turned them into nubs. I called that controller nips, respectively. respectively.

  3. hori makes some weird controllers, they got one for ps3/pc that looks like a 6 button genesis controller, optimized for street fighter games.

  4. They also made a separable controller that can split in half and can use the right half as a one handed controller. They are really rare. You can't even find them in eBay, but they are still cool.

  5. the vibrations going be be weak not because of the motor size but the weights atatched to the motors theres just not the room to swing around a pair of huge weights in there


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