1. Bad reading of .exe files causes this problem.
    Maybe, it should be :
    1) Bad laser (KSM-440AAM)
    2) Bad disc
    3) Bad CXD2510Q (CD DAC)

  2. Tried to change KSM-440BAM (2 different ones) but it's getting worse: can't even boot on CD now.
    I guess I killed my PS1 instead of repairing it 🙁

    – "Sad ending, isn't it?" (screwball squirrel)

  3. There is a possibility of 3
    things that must happen
    1. The BIOS needs a replacement
    2. The disc needs repairing
    3. The laser needs to be replaced
    Note: All PlayStation SCPH 100X models have the lasers placed in a bad area and the lasers are made of plastic which can lead to audio/video skipping and overheating. You should get a later model such as the SCPH 500X series, SCPH 770X series , OR the SCPH 900X series. All these models listed have the lasers placed in different positions in the disc drive and the lasers are made of diecast. You can also flip the console upside down on your 1002 model. The upside down method makes all early PlayStation consoles read the disc perfectly


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