PS1 Longplay: Spyro the Dragon (PAL – English) HD (Blindish)


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I was actually going to do this as a blind longplay for you all but I was very self conscious about how viewers would have judged my first time playing, because I did get lost a lot and there are a lot of hard to find areas in this game for first time players, and I had to keep stopping to search up gameplays for help. I made three attempts to this longplay and settled with this one being my fourth. So this Longplay you’re seeing is my third ever time playing through and second time completing in the space of a week. So that’s why I’ve been taking so long to upload another longplay, I just try to play the games as best I can for you. Also I had some problems rendering it after spending hours saving it twice. Also I just felt as though someone may mention “Oh I did much better than you on my first time playing.” Haha, but yeah I never really grew up with this Spyro game, It was more Year of The Dragon I always played since I was very young, I always used to play the Demo and remember the skate park task being in it. I never owned Gateway to Glimmer until only two years ago when I got it for Christmas. I’m still to own this one, I just downloaded the iso files from . It’s definitely worth getting though. Despite me getting stressed from trying to play this well for you I do think this game is hours of fun and I found it in every way as fun to play as the other two from the Trilogy. Also the soundtracks from Alpine Ridge, Blowhard and Haunted Towers are stuck in my head. Love them. Stewart Copeland you are awesome. Also yes I still haven’t quite mastered the Speedways/flights from this version either so you will notice I edited those. Haha. I also made some edits to my playthrough when it took me a few attempts to do something, such as in the Treetops. The jumps in that level are ridiculous. lol. in blowhard I died twice and got put back to the start but I left that unedited as it’s a short level anyhow.

So in this Spyro Game our Antagonist is known as Gnasty Gnorc. We only ever see him in the opening cutscene and then never again until the final Boss battle. Also he has cast a spell on the dragon kingdom, trapping them all in crystal all over the 6 worlds which wouldn’t have happened if that one dragon never called him ugly, lol. but because of Spyro being so small the spell overlooks him. By the looks of the broadcast at the start he has already been causing other trouble anyhow before that as we here he has been using their treasure and turning the gems in to enemies for his cause. The storyline is very brief in this one, but the game is in every way as fun to play. 😀



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Longplay Playlist:
Level List:

00:41 Opening Scene

01:48 Artisans World
06:14 Dark Hollow
10:40 Toasty
13:54 Stone Hill
20:45 Town Square
3:39:37 Sunny Flight

26:14 Peace Keepers World
32:33 Dry Canyon
40:20 Cliff Town
47:34 Ice Carvern
55:47 Doctor Shemp
1:00:35 Night Flight

1:02:44 Magic Crafters World
1:10:06 Alpine Ridge
1:16:50 High Caves
1:27:48 Crystal Flight
1:29:54 Wizard Peak
1:38:13 Blowhard

1:42:48 Beast Makers World
1:48:07 Metalhead
1:54:06 Tree Tops
2:05:52 Misty Bog
2:14:50 Wild Flight
2:17:14 Terrace Village

2:25:22 Dream Weavers World
2:32:22 Icy Flight
2:34:22 Lofty Castle
2:43:55 Dark Passage
2:53:28 Jacques
3:03:04 Haunted Towers

3:12:06 Gnasty’s World
3:13:08 Gnorc Cove
3:22:36 Twilight Harbour
3:30:43 Gnasty Gnorc
3:42:34 Gnasty’s Loot

3:35:00 Outro scene
3:35:30 Credits
3:50:30 Bonus Cutscene for 100% completion

🙂 Again I just want to say this game is so much fun to play and I’d recommend it. There are still purchasable PS1 consoles and games online and are not too expensive but if you don’t currently have the money you can download the game and play it from the epsxe Emulator like I did, . I think you may also be able to purchase it on PSN.

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  1. Imagine if the level Tree Tops was in Sonic Adventure. It would be Knuckles pipe dream. Personally I find the level quite fun, since it's quite open compared to the other levels.

    I also used to say Spyro 3 was the best in the trilogy, however, back in my childhood I've seemed to skip Spyro 2 until three years ago. When I did play Spyro 2 I found it to be a perfect sequel. Couldn't believe I skipped the second game. I also did that with Crash 2 as well.

  2. Now this was a gaming franchise I definitely played a lot as a kid, in fact I still have all three of the original games except Spyro 2 has gone a little funny with the sound since I had it when I was 11 when it first came out and it makes all the characters sound like they are swearing because it keeps beeping during some of the lines and Hunter sounded like he said f***! at one point lol

    Whats great about this copy of Spyro 2 was that it came with a free disc case with a stitch image of Spyro himself which really made my day. I recently found an original Spyro plush from the original games in London Expo which I swear is one of the only few places where you can actually get legit PS1 games now. Bless :3 Its kind of funny that I still like this little character after so many years.

  3. gnasty gnorc is simple no threat and ugly ripto is hard threatning and handsome the sorceres is simple no threat and fat

  4. I love how Spyro frolics as a little kid. :). He's so adorable. ^-^. The trees from Misty Bog used to scare me so much when I was little.

  5. i love spyro the dragon since i was 12 cause i had my very first ps1 i still love the game to this day

  6. Lol i still remember the first time i played this was at the house a coworker from my mom that time togeter with the son of that coworker the weeks after i kept asking crying screamin and whining for my mom to buy this game for me xD but it worked after a while this was 1 of my fav games from the ps1 thanks for the upload

  7. I have only got 120% three times on Spyro 1 wheras i have got 100% on the 2nd game well over 3 dozen times and 117% about 8 times on Spyro 3

  8. artisans world where you stepped on one stone you should have jumped on all of them cos in wizard peaks within magic crafters world you get told this by one of the dragons there so I would naturally have thought you would have opened portal to sunny flight & completed artisans before moving onto peace keepers

  9. The big thing in the sky in the doctor Shemp level looks like a super massive black hole from space engine

  10. I have this game in its european pal version, i love the game to bits I've played it 100% countless times over the years since my childhood


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